"Your chicken strip tease us, thighs leg and the breast pa..." (Joey BADA$$ – 2013 XXL Freshman Cyphers - Episode 1) | accepted

He’s playing off the fact that he says “chicken” by naming the parts of the chicken traditionally eaten.

Mellow High – Troublesome2013 | rejected

I’m not wrong about anything. I know the song is titled incorrectly, but people have already made explanations on the page that I posted, so it’d be best to not delete them.

Mellow High – Troublesome2013 | rejected

Mods, delete this. This page was typed up first:

"Polar opposite of Smithers, I'm done bitch" (Tyler The Creator – Parking Lot) | rejected

He’s not talking about Clancy. He’s talking about his babysitter.

Earl Sweatshirt – Whoa | accepted

It’s definitely “send them nettled”. Listen closely. The “N” sound is easy to hear after he says “them”.

"(Brutus in that booth," (Earl Sweatshirt – Hive) | rejected

It sounds like whatever he’s saying starts with a G.

"With my nigga Travy out in Maui, running two-mans" (Earl Sweatshirt – 20 Wave Caps) | accepted

I think he’s specifically referring to the events detailed in this vid (1:20):


"I love titties, but amor kitties" (Joey BADA$$ – Day In The Life) | accepted

That’s not how amore is pronounced in Italian. He says “amor”, which means to love in Spanish.

"This nigga Jasper trying to get grown / About 5'7" of his..." (Tyler The Creator – Yonkers) | accepted

Tyler’s also mocking him, saying he’s fucking all of Jasper’s bitches.

"See niggas who ain't obey the style / So they spray shell..." (Joey BADA$$ – Day In The Life) | pending

Also a play on words as “shells” (bullets) are sprayed from “tools” (guns).