"Fuckin' acronym" (Eminem – Survival) | rejected

The problem with that is that Em' actually aims at being the GOATs, it’s not something that he claims to just ignore while doing his best.


"With haters on my dick like a jeans zipper" (Eminem – 2.0 Boys) | pending

Can you develop how a jean zipper would give blowjobs ?

"It's gon' evolve to some ruckus" (Hopsin – Pans In the Kitchen) | pending

I don’t see a reference to the label anywhere on the bar. It’s a simple use of the word “ruckus” imo. Please clarify the link between his line and the label.

50 Cent – What do you got | pending

This is actually the original “legends pot” hook, which was derived in other songs like “Patiently waiting” by Em' and 50, and “Juggernauts” by SH.

"You shout whenever, and I’ll be there" (Justin Bieber – Baby) | rejected

Whiz, gtfo o'here.

"I’m living proof nigga, it's pretty safe to say" (Bad Meets Evil – Living Proof) | accepted

The vocals on this line also resemble Proof’s voice.

"To the point you don't suck my dick, then you're gonna ge..." (Bad Meets Evil – Fast Lane) | rejected

He already put us in the “decapitating” context in the first line, I don’t think he meant anything else. “Head” could mean a lot of things, as in headlines of papers (critics) and everything. But he’s surely not saying he’s gonna take the head of state if you don’t let him. It’s all about the context he put us in.

"Catch me in my Mercedes / Bumping Ice Ice Baby / Screamin..." (Bad Meets Evil – Fast Lane) | rejected

Is that really a common known expression ? ‘cause if it is, with the “bumpin Ice” thing, it’d make it more than a quadruple entendre…

"So when the wind starts blowing, shit / Talking 'bout goi..." (Bad Meets Evil – Welcome 2 Hell) | rejected

Could you please mention the song where Wayne says that ?

"And I feel like lately it went from top 5 to remaining 5 ..." (Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy) | rejected

He even used the word “either” ! get it ? Ether ! ‘just joking.