FuckBoi – FuckBoi's pride | pending


Lemson – RIP Supercrew | pending

Yea, no, not feeling it. Sorry

Lilhook27 – No fap november | pending

Care if I drop a verse?

"15 / August 25 / GoPro Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma / Sonoma..." (IndyCar – 2013 IZOD IndyCar Series) | accepted

so… what are the results?

"Film Genius" (Stepper – Open Letter To Lemon) | pending

Kinda like this? http://rapgenius.com/videos

"Spinning at legendary NYC nightclub The Tunnel" (SameOldShawn – Rap Stats: Breaking Down The Words in Rap Lyrics Over Time) | pending

Love that article, it’s one of the few on Complex that really stands out

"-" (The English Language – Punctuation Marks) | accepted

The last link appears to be dead.

Rap Genius – Official RG Crew for GTA V | pending

RG: Dyazz
SC: Dyazzazzanation

Superflyronald – Hip Hop Autobiographies | pending

To add to this list:

Superflyronald – Hip Hop Autobiographies | pending

As for people who are really interested in inside scoops, a lot of video vixens have written autobiographies after their vixen days. Some of those may be worth checking out.