"• 6 points per DA annotation • 2 points per DA transcription" (Rap Genius – RGS2 Rules/Regulations) | accepted

Do we have to send in what we do on those artists, like with last time’s SIQ challenges?

"• 1 points per transcription" (Rap Genius – RGS2 Rules/Regulations) | accepted

If it’s a non-musical page that gets over 1000 views, you get an additional point

Does it need to reach 1000 views in the same week? For example:

"• 100 points per blog post" (Rap Genius – RGS2 Rules/Regulations) | accepted

BUT if a blog post doesn’t have annotations on it I won’t count the blog post…

Note that blogs on the UK blog don’t have annotations though, or it should be featured on both RGUK and RG.

Rap Genius – RGS2 Rules/Regulations | accepted

Also, I remember you saying we would not get any points for making verified annotations, so does that mean we won’t get any for annotating our blog posts?

"Baller water" (Rap Genius – RGS2 Rules/Regulations) | pending

DC whoring annotations, I see

Rap Genius – RGS2 Rules/Regulations | pending

Please excuse my Dutch-ness, but what in the world is a “koozie”?

"• Each week starts and ends SUNDAY NIGHT at 12AM EST" (Rap Genius – RGS2 Rules/Regulations) | pending

For the Europeans outchea. 12AM EST is 5AM (Monday morning) for the UKers and 6AM for the Western-Europeans (Germany, France, Norway, w/e).

"ChrisChilds" (Rap Genius – Season 2 (Favorite Non-Rap Artists)) | pending

Mfw dJazzy

"ScopeY" (Rap Genius – Season 2 (Favorite Non-Rap Artists)) | pending

Mfw Scoopie just looked up random artists on Wikipedia with big discographies.

"Give me the "Yay-Yay!" like Ice Cube, so don't play with ..." (Immortal Technique – Peruvian Cocaine) | accepted

Doesn’t this refer to Cube’s ad-lib “Yay-Yay” though?