"A Week Ago - Jay-Z" (B Horowitz – Playlist for Fortune Magazine) | pending

Couldn’t have described it with better words.

"Drake" (Sports Genius – Famous Football Fans) | pending

I bet he was happy when Balotelli left City lol

"Their forum beef has been heating up over the last few we..." (Fashion Genius – Style Wars Vol 1) | pending

Here’s the “original” to give some context

Fashion Genius – Style Wars Vol 1 | pending

Niday plis don’t downvote my outfits

"Walt: Wha-am I supposed to clean all this on my own? / *J..." (Breaking Bad – Cornered) | pending

Pretty sure it was 96%?

Derek Jeter – Dating Diamond | accepted

10/10 would home-run them

"You" (Majical Cloudz – I Do Sing For You) | rejected

Your profile pic is bomb, Rothko is one of my favorite artists!

Welcome on the website!

"And Niday is gonna get slayed / Cause Niday is most likel..." (M'Balls – Like An Onion) | rejected


"Field Goals: 14-26      3 Pt. Field Goals: 8-13" (Performance of the Day – Stephen Curry) | pending


"Def has an expired Georgia drivers license (06/24/2013)." (Miami Beach Police Department – Justin Bieber's Arrest Report) | accepted

Took a page out of Drake’s playbook

My license been expired I renew it after the weekend
Fuck I know I said that shit the last 7 weekends
Girl I guess procrastination is my weakness