"En 2002 à l'ADISQ (83)" (Taktika – Personne n'y croyait) | pending

Il l'est, clique sur “Le 83 est monté sur scène”

Manu Militari – Le Secret Des Dieux | accepted

Lyrics corrigé.

"Like whoa, ooh whoa, whoa / (They always told me A.D.H.D ..." (Kendrick Lamar – A.D.H.D) | accepted

Those who have ADHD will tell you: When you are young, parents, teachers, etc. they blame ADHD for every errors you do.

"Got a high tolerance" (Kendrick Lamar – A.D.H.D) | accepted

I would suggest that this line refer to those children that get ADHD medication early; they develops a high tolerance to chemicals (drugs, etc.)

"Si quelqu'un veut poster les paroles (surtout le rap de B..." (Swift Guad – Paradox) | pending

Ça fait plaisir !

"Laissez tomber les filles / Laissez tomber les filles / U..." (The Weeknd – Montreal) | accepted

The exact translation:
Leave girls alone
Leave girls alone
[or] One day you’ll be left alone.

The rest is correct.

Meaning : Stop playing on those girls, or you’ll end up alone (by playing on every one of them).

She cried the day you played with her heart, but the day you gon' end up alone, she ain’t gon' cry.

"Now a storm of the brain make these guys drive slow / Lik..." (Common – Gold) | rejected

A storm is known for making people drive their cars slow, too. haha

"Now I'm way up / People they just / Turn they hate up" (Tech N9ne – So Lonely) | accepted

Typical : With fame comes haters.

"I caught the industry, who do I catch now / Who do I catc..." (Tech N9ne – Who Do I Catch) | accepted

He doesn’t ‘'beat’‘ it, he catch up with it, meaning he’s on the same level as the big names.

"But ain’t nobody talking when the insane mane spoken" (Tech N9ne – Am I a Psycho?) | accepted

He’s Refering to the lines below, a thought disorder speech. That kind of dialologue said in public is sure to leave people speechless.