Kanye West – All of the Lights | accepted

at the final “we’re going all the way this time” drake is saying that in sync with rihanna…he even got credited for it on the booklet that came with the album…yall should add his name to the line up too

"Take care, nigga" (Drake – The Ride) | rejected

more like thank you, come again for my next album(he did say its not gunna be sad and mopey..)

"Now I done grew up 'round some people livin' their life i..." (Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank)) | accepted

look at these clowns dissing young king kendrick…smh..thats why he got over 60 likes and yall still in the negative red….dummies dont understand that he said this wasnt even his DEEPEST song for the album, dying of thirst is…so if you all taking shots at him for this lil lyric imagine when he is tryna go in depth…..

"2Pac without a nose ring / Thug Life," (2 Chainz – No Lie) | rejected

great explanation cuz i thought he was tryna say he was the best ever….

"Get familiar with Cartwright / Cause I want that shot, I'..." (Game – The City) | rejected

i think he means he is a raging bull when he’s under pressure. like how Cartwright can be counted on in that last quarter of the game,he goes in when the pressure and spotlight is on him

"Life is good, life is good" (Nas – Summer On Smash) | pending

and your fans too nas! your fans!!

Rick Ross – So Sophisticated | rejected

put your dick in the dirt and now your decapitated….that clearly means you put ur dick in the dirt and the head is in the dirt….so its off…aka decapitated

"Rumors of Lucifer, I don’t know who to trust / Whole worl..." (Rick Ross – Free Mason) | pending

this is great but when he says rumors of lucifer i think hes referring to when that pastor played his “lucifer” song backwards and it said some satanic things..great explanation though…

Rick Ross – Power Circle | accepted

where kendrick says" So about face if it ain’t business, I get offended, I mind" that means if its not good business you bringing to him then turn around(about face) and leave. he dont mind if you bringing him good business but if you just bullshitting then he gets offended by that and thinks your wasting his time and therefore he minds.

"Uh, I only love her if her eyes brown" (Rick Ross – 3 Kings) | accepted

still running that “only love if…” theme