"We can use the module function, which is a function that ..." (Project Euler – Problem 1) | accepted

it’s modulo ;)

"Metaprogramming Ruby" (Rap Genius Engineering Team – Rap Genius is Hiring: Help Us Annotate the World) | pending

oh yeah python’s great. let’s just throw all() in the global namespace. great idea…. FUCK PYTHON!!

"Git getpull" (Andrew Warner – Git-getpull: Quickly find the pull request that merged your commit to master) | accepted

there’s weird spacing above the $PATH meme

"That's Nas the Don!" (Mahbod Moghadam – Through The Brain) | pending

True GOAT excerpt!

"I don’t care, I "so what?" these bitches" (Lil Wayne – We Be Steady Mobbin') | pending

that’s the meme opposite of what “nonplussed” meansss!!!

Mat Brown – Test | pending


"The lady doth protest too much, methinks." (William Shakespeare – Hamlet Act 3 Scene 2) | pending

i thought it meant (in the play) that the player queen is getting too cozy too fast w/ the player king?

"Lil Weezle" (Rap Genius – The Many Nicknames of Lil Wayne) | accepted

no need to make it that bold lol!

"They prayin' on my motherfuckin' downfall bitch," (Big Sean – Control) | accepted

also a reference to http://rapgenius.com/5791?

KRS-ONE – Take It To God (intro) | pending

don’t make KRS-ONE the artist on fake songs!!@ COME ON