"My hope is that he needs no introduction" (MoMilli – Hip-Hop and Health Care at Rap Genius) | pending

nice sheets!!

"Me? / Whee!" (Muhammad Ali – Shortest Poem Ever Written) | pending

shouldn’t the ‘lyric’ be:



James Somers – Heroku's Ugly Secret | pending

If you have 2 unicorn servers and you happen to get 3 slow requests routed to it, you are still screwed! Unicorn will indeed increase performance, but not in any fundamental way

"Physician-in-training and a “rap genius,”" (MoMilli – Mixing up the Medicine) | pending

no, action bronson HATES sushi!!!

Melchior – Clairiere | accepted

the soundcloud embed is broken!!

"She's not another shallow copy actin' sudo" (Dale Chase – Coder Girl) | pending

also shallow copy v. deep copy

"All the way in Hollywood and I can't even act" (Drake – Forever) | accepted

he was also in the love guru!!


"I used to rock the Olive Green 5s and Nudie Capri trouser..." (Kembe X – Soul Fever (prod. by Hippie Sabotage)) | pending

i too refuse to freestyle..

"Checkers on the shoes eating fudge cups" (Riff Raff – They Figured I Worked For Mexico) | pending

love you riff raff!!

"Korean town lunchin', talking 'bout how to run things" (Childish Gambino – We Ain't Them) | rejected

It’s “Korea town luncin'…”