Lil Wayne – Wasted | rejected

And I got them tools, tell them boys to get mechanical


"It's going down like the Catalina wine mixer" (Lil Wayne – Wasted) | accepted

Probably a “Step Brothers” reference: (it’s a helicopter expo in the film, hence “going down”, I guess)

Lil Wayne – Wasted | accepted

You niggas best not slip, ice road truckers

A reference to this TV show:

"Lightpole barrel, chopper stupid long" (Lil Wayne – Wasted) | rejected

Also the line is “stupid long”, not “stupid along” (OBVI!!!)

"Tic-tac-toe comes with 6-pack, with Exacto / Knives" (Eminem – Must Be the Ganja) | rejected

“exact dough” / “exacto (knife)” situation here (so at least the referent should cover both lines?)

"Dic's too short of a word for my dick / Get off my antidi..." (Eminem – Almost Famous) | rejected

This would have been better if he hadn’t used a meme “v. long word”

Eminem – Must Be the Ganja | marked_praise


"Bring drama a step beyond a Jeffrey Dahmer" (Eminem – Must Be the Ganja) | rejected

The rhyme here (“Dalai Lama” and “Jeffrey Dahmer”) is pretty similar to that Obama calming influence line. Worth mentioning?

"They call me the Stephon Marbury of rap, darling / Cause ..." (Eminem – W.T.P.) | accepted

bawl / ball situation?

"Heart throb never, Black and ugly as ever / However, I st..." (The Notorious B.I.G. – One More Chance / Stay With Me (Remix)) | rejected

Also Coogi is a designer