"Http://images.rapgenius.com/60ej6q2m5fg4w6zqsmpwu1szd.635..." (Fashion Genius – Who Wore it Better? 11/3/13) | pending

I think it is a bad photo of kim, but she clearly wore the wrong type of bra… too much titty action going on

"Rise and shine / Oh, uh, me flakes, scrambled eggs, bacon..." (Pink Floyd – Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast) | pending


"I took a screenshot" (Drew Houston – MIT Commencement 2013) | pending


"Many experienced meditators recommend against Goenka retr..." (MetaWorldPeace – Intro: What is a 10-Day Goenka Vipassana Retreat?) | accepted

LOCKED UP: they won’t let me out..


"[SG] Kobe Bryant" (Los Angeles Lakers – 2012-2013 Roster) | accepted

needs link to his twitter

"No one will fuck, fuck me" (Dj Lubel – Women of LA) | accepted

needs a link!!!

"As CEO, I am accountable." (Andrew Mason – Groupon Farewell Memo) | pending

obviously none of this was his fault, he is da homie tho — I wanna see what he does next! if it was me I would prolly just move to an island but I’m pretty sure Andrew is gonna do some baller type start-up or something.. or maybe he will join Rap Genius family..

"I'll give you another Beamer if you just touch me" (Dj Lubel – Women of LA) | pending

yes… it’s true.. because BMW is the best car and persians know wassup

"And where my Persian girls at from the Beverly / So much ..." (Dj Lubel – Women of LA) | accepted

fuck you! persian girls are sexy

"Luxurious" (Andrew Marvell – The Mower Against The Gardens) | pending

aren’t those synonyms regardless?