"Fuck Jay Z!" (Nas – Ether) | rejected

Also a pun on the hustler rockfella who died of aids and rumored of being gay. Thats why Gay Z and Cockafella

"Fake thug, no love; you get the" (Nas – The Message) | rejected

Tupac even called Nas out but they settled the beef after mtv award show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avONGkgtofY

Nas – Ether | rejected

Original verses from Ether:(pass on the word)

AHH: One thing that just came up today, Nas apparently has a response to Jay Z’s “The Takeover” on his upcoming album, which implicates you and Pun and includes the lyrics: “Call yourself gangsta but you were begging for pardon that night in Carbon when Terror Squad flipped on your squadron tried to front on their checks till Pun put a gun to your chest.”

Fat Joe: We gotta hear it but damn, what a way to put me right in the middle of the beef huh? We don’t comment on that, that’s old news. Like I said all the negative energy all that sht you can throw that out the window.
Nas is crazy. No question that we are allies with Nas Escobar. We love Nas. I almost named my son after Nas. As far as him and Jay Z with the beef: that’s they stuff. Until somebody tries to involve me in that sht, that’s it. I ain’t got no problem with the whole Rocafella. It’s well documented. Everybody keeps trying to get me to talk about that sh*t in every interview. Why don’t they ask Jay Z that stuff? I read his interveiws, nobody asks him. If you interview him, ask him.

Verse 1:

So you call yourself god mc… J-hova\
drunk the glass of blasphemy & forgot to pray over\
your games over\ crossed the warpath of a brave soldier\
youre a makeover\ my protege trying to takeover\ I was the sheperd that led you\ But you bit the hand that fed you\ mad cause since I met you i never did respect you\ and as hard as it seems\ you know that I fathered your dreams\ you was a groupie always begging to be part of my team\ another case of a boy and his teacher\ I was the first to poison your speakers\ so kill all that noise that your preaching\ I understand\ all your plans to underhand\ aired threats of you pullin my card next summerjam\ let me make this clear hova\ You had my left overs\ she told me your little problem of the day when you slept over\ but thats another subject homey\ ***** you phony\
Im coming to collect the debt from the years that you owe me\ so what you capitlized… only cause i allowed\ Im taking aim at your dome\ and reclaiming my throne\
“Who said I that i aint still nasty”

Verse 2:

How you planned on facing\ the half man half-amazing\
Dont need a fam, Nas is a one man invasion\ claim you hot but you flopped with your roc-familia\ cause real recognize real and youre not familiar\
call yourself gansta but you were begging for pardon\
that night in carbon\ when terror squad flipped on your squadron\
Tried to front on their checks\ till pun put a gun to your chest\
YOu said it yourself dog, Nas is one of the best\
Dont need to search for some dirt to expose you\ I leave it up to the flow dispose you\ when i oppose you\ This is it Im calling ya\ come out and play like “warriors”\
studied my blueprint then pieced together your formula\
Guess the knowledge I speak too deep to follow\
that`s why your stomach to weak to swallow\ The real truth
that Nas is\ the greates of all timers\
f*ck skeletons, keep only weaponry in my closets

He was forced by Colombia 3 times to edit the songs because many of these lines were considered too harsh.

The one we have heard is actually the “dumbed down” version and that is why the ether we all know has Nas basically overdoing it with all the “gay” and “Cock a fella” jokes…..because he had to make up for the lines he had to take out, and they took everything good that he already had.

Once again past on the word

And no this isn’t an April Fools joke, the info is online.

"Listen to Jeezy and Hov," (Nas – You Wouldn't Understand) | accepted

Jeezy and Hov did watch the throne togheter and they collaberated alot so he means jay-z and kanye west. dont know where you got rick ross from? and young jeezy doesnt make sense.

Kendrick Lamar – The Jig Is Up (Dump'n) | rejected

“I just might derail something” means he´s so good he might derail someones bandwagon and they start listen to him instead.

Nas – Stay | rejected

“She not the type deserving of a throne” When you marry someone you make them you queen or king because you see so highly of them. But this girl doesnt deserve your love or marriage.

"Even though I don't like you / Next Friday night can't wa..." (Nas – Stay) | rejected

“Even though I don’t like you
Next Friday night can’t wait to fight you” one of Nas favorite lines on Life is good, you can see it oround 43:50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdqakgt3Nks

"My mama can't save you this time" (Jay Z – Blueprint 2) | rejected

Even tho it say more about jay-z who still does what his mommy tells him to.

"You said you've been in this 10, I've been in it 5" (Jay Z – Takeover) | accepted

Actually jay-z started in the late 80´s with jaz-o on songs like (Hawaiian sophie)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5G05v-3CME.

“Jay-Z can briefly be heard on several of Jaz-O’s early recordings in the late 1980s and early 1990s, including "The Originators” and “Hawaiian Sophie”.[23] Jay-Z was also involved in and won several battles with rapper LL Cool J in the early ‘90s as part of efforts to get a record deal"

Therefore he has been in the game as long or even longer then Nas and more accuratly like 10-12 years by the time this record was realesed.

"[Introduction: RZA] / The DeLucas pressed Tony's remains ..." (Ghostface Killah – The Rise of Ghostface Killah) | rejected

Music video for the song: