"K.Michelle" (_ƨҟ↻འġ™ (score) – #Ma☊orIzms™ 101) | pending


_ƨҟ↻འġ™ (score) – Rapgenius House of L1N6O™ | pending

"This is ODB" (Ol' Dirty Bastard – ODB '98 Grammy Interruption) | accepted

Adding “Dirt McGirt” to this list.

"From havin' the world on his shoulders" (2Pac – Keep Ya Head Up) | accepted

I recommend that the Thumbs on all these Explanations be reset or investigated because it seems like the down votes have originated from one person using Alt Accounts.

"To the quality of lives or improving things in my Environ-" (_ƨҟ↻འġ™ (score) – RG Blue Light Special (SchizoIntroCriminalOutroMix)) | pending


"[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅1̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]" (_ƨҟ↻འġ™ (score) – RG Blue Light Special (SchizoIntroCriminalOutroMix)) | accepted

50 IN THE CLIP…-Dead Prez

_ƨҟ↻འġ™ (score) – RG Blue Light Special (SchizoIntroCriminalOutroMix) | pending

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"Unnatural things" (B Horowitz – Making Yourself a CEO) | rejected

Not suggesting an improvement, just adding to the Value of this explanation. Therefore, as a CEO you may also have to hire someone from the left field even if you have staff that think they are rightfully designated for specific areas…if it’s the right business decision.

"SZA ✄™ (Genius of da South)" (SZA (Genius of the South) – Ask Tha SZA) | rejected

Motto: “How To Use ✄™ (SZA’s) & Win (Cut Ya Losses)”.