"I put Monie in the middle / Where she at? In the middle" (Kanye West – That's My Bitch) | rejected

Maybe a homophone with money/monie= moan ye which makes this line a clever double entendre

"Homie, it's like I'm paid to fade" (Lupe Fiasco – Game Time) | pending

Fade is also meant as in to chill or get a little buzz

"Cassius in his prime," (Kanye West – Primetime) | accepted

He is talking about Cassius Clay Aka Ali

"Here" (Lupe Fiasco – National Anthem) | accepted

you should hang around Here/hair like earrings

"PAUSE! Like a red light," (Lil Wayne – I Am Still Music Tour Freestyle) | accepted

Pause is like no homo after you say something gay and nobody says no homo a friend has to say pause so that you can think about what you just said like i get rear ended. Look up the most professional use of the word pause on YouTube for a better understanding

"Dry you off I got your paper towel waitin'" (Nas – Fried Chicken) | rejected

and a towel to dry off his vixen after getting out of the hot tub

"I see, diamond flooded demons, Lamborghini angels" (Lupe Fiasco – Angels (Remix)) | rejected

i see= icy

"And if I get sued my lawyers Jews" (Child Rebel Soldier – Don't Stop!) | accepted

It’s a stereotype that Jewish people are famous for being lawyers and doctors

"Still hard to see me like the truth on TV / Or the roof f..." (Lupe Fiasco – Say Something) | rejected

Most people will tell you not to believe everything you see on tv this also fits in with the Instrumental by Lupe

"Cause you can't play my sport but you can still cheerlead us" (Lupe Fiasco – National Anthem) | rejected

Cheerlead us= cha lead us as in other rappers get the limelight , but don’t even come close to the lyrical depths that Lupe spits