"We're the flowers in the dustbin / We're the poison in yo..." (Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen) | accepted

Also references The Flowers of Romance, the group which included latter period Sex Pistol, Sid Vicious, and future Public Image Limited (PIL) member, Keith Levine. PIL later recorded an album called “Flowers of Romance”.

Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side | pending

Herbie Flowers, session bassist on this track, was interviewed on the BBC about his contribution to the sound.
Hired for one instrument (Bass), he managed to get a double session fee by also providing the Double Bass!

"Icky thump" (The White Stripes – Icky Thump) | accepted

The phrase “ecky thump” is known in the UK from 1970s television comedy series “The Goodies”, starring Tim Brooke Taylor, Graham Garden & Bill Oddie.

Public Enemy – I Shall Not Be Moved | pending

Hocus pocus
If you are a certain age, (Chuck’s age), these three words always go together: “Hocus Pocus” by Focus (c1974)

Kurt Cobain – Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note | pending

the punk rock 101 courses over the years
The 101ers were Joe Strummer’s band, pre The Clash.

Kanye West – No Church in the Wild | rejected

“No Church In The Wild”: title reference to “Church In The Wildwood” written mid 19th Century, recorded by Carter Family & others

Eminem – Business | accepted

I presume “hip hop is in a state of 911” and “can I get a witness” refer to Public Enemy’s “911 is a joke” and “Caught, can we get a witness” respectively