"No, this is Western propaganda. Khmer Rouge are not as ho..." (Noam Chomsky – Chomsky / Zizek Debate) | pending

The article: “Distortions at Fourth Hand”

Yes, as usual, Chomsky takes the time to shine light on the U.S.’s role — however small or large — in the destruction. As quoted above, he contrasts the government’s sources with the sources of others coming out of Cambodia, and concludes that it is ridiculous to go on calling it the second “holocaust”. He doesn’t excuse the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge, but instead makes clear that it is a total shit show on all sides.

Even today after extensive study, the number of total deaths is anywhere between 700,000 — 3 million. It’s generally accepted that at least half of these deaths were caused by starvation and a tragic living situation. Considering Chomsky wrote this article just before the peak in Khmer Rouge atrocities (1977) he seems to be far closer to the truth than those he criticizes, citing sources that place the death toll somewhere in the six figures, compared to the 2 million number that some at the NYT were citing (without any source). Looking back on it, it’s highly unlikely that the Khmer Rouge had murdered 2 million people by 1977. This is Chomsky’s argument, not that they weren’t a brutal regime.

"There will be an increasing isolation of Israel [and an] ..." (US Secretary of State John Kerry – Criticism of Israeli Occupation) | pending

“‘Peaceful’? A sad joke.” — for four centuries before WWI, the middle east was completely unchanging. The “fervent zealotry” did not exist to the extent it does now. Not even close. It’s not all Israel’s fault…pretty much every foreign interventionism in the last 80 years has been a complete failure.

“Most (realistic) scholars of the region agree that the place would have been just as volatile (if not more) without Israel” — Who? Please list a notable scholar who believes this…even the U.S. Intelligence Community has finally admitted that Israeli (Zionist) interests are fundamentally at odds with American interests in the middle east.

“show the big and mighty Israel in comparison to is puny neighbours.” — Lol as if size has anything to do with military might..though the gap is closing, Israel is consistently ranked as one of the top military powers in the region.

"We've cut the deficit in half." (President Barack Obama – Transcript:News conference on the shutdown and debt limit (October 08 2013)) | pending

This is one of those super misleading stats, but technically true..the absolute U.S. debt is deepening no matter how you look at it, but I guess the silver lining is that our debt is growing at a slower rate, with respect to GDP, than it was in 2009 (technically Bush’s last budget, not Obama’s). This is a big part of that “we inherited a totally fucked economy, and now it’s only half way fucked” rhetoric he used a lot from 2008-2012.

This might be a more useful image to use here tho:

"You remind me of Obama, you don’t know much about oil and..." (Royce Da 5'9" – Find Your Love freestyle) | pending

I’m not so sure this is what he means. The idiom here is “this and that mix like oil and water”. Think about how that phrase is used and go from there. I’m under the impression this is a metaphor, not a direct statement.

"And "God loves all his children" is somehow forgotten" (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Same Love) | rejected

I think if the signs read, “God does not support your actions, be he still loves you” rather than “die fags—burn in hell”, your point would have some real credibility…but I don’t know about that line of reasoning.

"Shit ain't a joke, I spend a lot of time playing with rop..." (Caskey – Anxious) | accepted

I’d play with the wording here, it sounds weird.

"Noam Chomsky, one of the most prestigious American and wo..." (Hugo Chávez – Remarks at the U.N. General Assembly, Sept. 2006) | accepted

Well…this is awkward…

"Spins on the beat," (DJ Scream – Hood Rich Anthem) | accepted

Any classics or popular other shit Spinz did?

"Graduated college mama but I chose thuggin' (what up)" (Red Cafe – Gucci Everything) | pending

Where’d he go to college? what’d he get his degree in? if you can find this stuff, you gotta add it in there homie.

"I say money over hoes, I like to broaden everything" (Red Cafe – Gucci Everything) | pending

you have to expand more on what he means by “broaden”..(he likes to diversify his interests meaning he doesn’t focus only on getting girls like a lot of wack dudes do)