"I swear the only thing I hear is the sound / Of sirens go..." (Pink – Here Comes The Weekend) | accepted

Or it could be ambulance sirens because he partied too hard and got injured. Trust me, that shit happens.

"Fuck rape" (Sway – The Anthem) | accepted


"[Hook: Eminem]" (Slaughterhouse – Throw That) | accepted

and he made a quick appearance in the song Frat House

"To my people on the back, move to the front / Push 'em, p..." (Travis Barker & Yelawolf – Push 'Em) | pending

Which is ironically the way he got his ruptured spleen and that kept him out of the game for a while.

"Quick as Bugattis" (Slaughterhouse – Die) | accepted

Buggatti has been known for being one of the fastest accelerating cars ever created, so crooked says that he will kill you faster than a buggatti accelerating, or his rhyme’s and his flow are faster than your’s.

"The lunatics now run the asylum" (Slaughterhouse – Asylum) | rejected

and a possible reference to eminem’s first verse in fastlane, [http://rapgenius.com/Bad-meets-evil-fast-lane-lyrics]

"They say the revolution’s gone viral / He tried to tell t..." (MC Elijah Black – Y.B.F.(Produced by Manifes)) | pending

So do we have to explain this shit to

"Knick-knack, paddy whack, Yaowa wanna bone" (Slaughterhouse – Coffin) | accepted

A. Joell could be comparing himself as a dog, when a dog does good he gets a bone or a treat, in this case its a solo deal with Shady Records


B. Joell (YAOWA), wants to have sex (bone).

Slaughterhouse – Place to Be | accepted

man i just love the way they passed the mic so cleanly at the end of the song

Slaughterhouse – Juggernauts | rejected

where joell ortiz says
We don’t wanna be bullies, y’all wanna get beat up
So lift your knees up and start running
Or put your knees down on the ground and bow cause we the,

it should be
we dont wanna be bullies, and y'all dont wanna get beat up