"We’re young / Fun is what we’re having, fuck it," (Odd Future – Analog 2) | rejected

Also a reference to the song “We Are Young” by Fun.

"I got them 24 inches sittin' on them Joe Buddens" (Lil Wayne – Put Some Keys On That) | accepted

The word is button lmao.

"Babies babies babies" (The Cool Kids – Gettin it) | pending

It should be “Baby’s baby, baby!"
Birdman(Stunna) is also know as "Baby”. Lil Wayne is the claimed son of Birdman, making him Baby’s baby. The last baby is for emphasis.

Drake – Fancy (Dick Clarke New Year's Eve 2011) (New Verse) | rejected

Everything after the project runway line is pretty much the first verse of Over My Dead Body on Take Care

Chris Brown – Ladies Love Me | pending

Give you bruised kidneys, stretch ya(stretcher) later