"I am not a man, I'm a logo, I'm a such thang" (Bad Meets Evil – Echo) | rejected

I’m Sustain=I’m a such thang

"Cause this time when I fuck this world I’ma put the whole..." (Bad Meets Evil – Echo) | accepted

Should be “tip in that hole yet”

"Rotten to the core to the bone cold all the way down to m..." (Bad Meets Evil – Echo) | accepted

I have the booklet, and it reads

“Rotten to the core to the bone cold all the way down to my soul from my head to my toe”

"Running shit like Nucky, trust me" (Chris Webby – Contradictory to Grown Ups) | accepted

He is referring to Nucky Thompson, he has a song about him.

"Mothafuckin' bitch / What you mean how'd you, get suckere..." (Bad Meets Evil – A Kiss) | accepted

Royce jokingly complains about having to find a word to rhyme with “truculent” in his interview with Complex.


“It was one of those things where I had to ask ‘What did you just say? 'He said it so fast. I was like 'What am I going to rhyme with truculent?’ Thanks again Em.

He does his best with what he can, and comes up with oven mitts.

"Van Dyke" (Bad Meets Evil – The Reunion) | rejected

It also refers to the dyke line earlier.

"Trying to hit every bump / And that cunt" (Bad Meets Evil – The Reunion) | rejected

Eminem has criticized Relapse recently, so he is comparing the album to a girl that he hates, which is another theme in some of his songs.

"I accidentally butt dialed her" (Bad Meets Evil – The Reunion) | rejected

This also hurts the girl because when she sees him calling, she thinks it could be because he wants her back. Actually, he called by accident while talking shit about her.

"Drop the biscuit" (Eminem – Guilty Conscience) | accepted

In the background, we are able to hear Grady yell “I will!” after this line. This is the main indicator Dre wins this round.

"P.S. We should be together too" (Eminem – Stan) | rejected

This is the one line in the song considered to be homophobic. When Eminem performed “Stan” live with the openly gay Elton John, Elton had no problem with keeping this line.