"Datasphere" (Stepper – Open Letter To Lemon) | pending

It is now a word.

"Editor’s Reward" (Stepper – Open Letter To Lemon) | pending

Interesting point…maybe we should make becoming an “editor” more of a systematic process so the person truly knows what it means to be one

"Annotations about a certain subject" (Stepper – Open Letter To Lemon) | pending

Tags coming soon!!!!

"Doch wir heben ab dank Ott, Hero ich rede nicht von Drogen" (Tobias_the_explicator – First September) | pending

@notero is so dreamy <333

"Todd: So, that batch that you just cooked. It was 96%. Ki..." (Breaking Bad – Granite State) | pending

@Curumno I think what had happened was that Jesse just completed another batch, post Lydia. Could be wrong though.

"4 shirts," (Rap Genius – RGS2 Rules/Regulations) | pending

Not yet :/

"Holly: Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama." (Breaking Bad – Ozymandias) | pending

@Curumno idk man, I think Walt would to protect his family. He became a drug lord to “protect his family”. It’s also just my interpretation (though I’ve seen it elsewhere as well so it’s not an unpopular one). What do you think about this particular scene? How does your opinion differ?

Breaking Bad – Ozymandias | pending

@farrous this is my job sonnnn!

Rap Genius – RGS2 Rules/Regulations | pending

Images coming soon for the prizes so everyone knows what the dill is

"Just a fly 'partment near Canal, just like Mr. Chow / Chi..." (Raekwon – Never Can Say Goodbye) | pending

whoever recorded this deserves props man, this is so sick!