"To hold this bitch down / Like a motherfucking chick unde..." (Bad Meets Evil – Fast Lane) | accepted

Drawn also means to muffle or mask (a sound) by a louder sound — they’re dominating hip-hop.

"Ain’t no secret / No apologies you keep it, now that I’m ..." (Lloyd Banks – Where I'm At) | accepted

Instead of keeping a secret, all you can keep is them apologies.

"I overcame odds to get even" (Lloyd Banks – Where I'm At) | accepted

agreed. The 1. rather refers to the fact that he was a drug addict, nearly died, so odds were low he’ll be successful again. He overcame these odds.

"There musta been a gust of wind, cause you change your mi..." (Lloyd Banks – Where I'm At) | accepted

As ofter as wind blows, she changes her mind. Mind the mind blowing wordplay.

"Mouseketeers in the Mickey Mouse Club" (Eminem – My 1st Single) | accepted

They also have had fallen in love with each other back then. They were around 10 years old.

"What the track say" (Eminem – Fly Away) | accepted

Track also means his ass-crack here.

"And slap it back out before I step back outta this crap, ..." (Eminem – Fly Away) | rejected

Em drops a similar pair of lines in the song Forever: “Payback motherfucker for the way that you got at me, how’s it taste? / When I slap the taste out your mouth with the bass so loud that it shakes the place”

"Low on the totem til he showed 'em" (Eminem – Almost Famous) | rejected

Idiom meaning the least important or lowest-ranking person of a group

"It’s not a contest and I ain’t on no conquest for no mate..." (Eminem – Space Bound) | rejected

I doubt drugs come here.

"She’s sitting there getting liquored up at the bar" (Eminem – Seduction) | accepted

They’re getting acquainted and the girl gets honest after a buzz.