"Heavy on the rock never fooled with the Jodeci" (Murs – D.S.W.G. (Dark Skinned White Girls)) | accepted

She preferred to listen to rock music as opposed to Jodeci, a popular R&B singing group.

Lupe Fiasco – Sunshine | rejected

Not crazy about that “Michelle” shit.

"These racist cops wanna lock me longer then Nelson Mandela" (Immortal Technique – The Illest) | accepted

"My arrival is genocidal, like Christopher Columbus / Exte..." (Immortal Technique – The Illest) | accepted

"Bury competition like Mesopotamia" (Immortal Technique – The Illest) | accepted

It is commonly thought to be the cradle of civilization.

"My mouth bomb the train up / I spit Krolyon in five color..." (Immortal Technique – The Illest) | accepted

"Wild Style," (Immortal Technique – The Illest) | accepted
  1. Reference to her style being wild.

  2. Reference to the first hip-hop movie, Wild Style about several prominent figures from the early hip-hop culture, engaging in activities such as MCing, turntablism, graffiti and breaking.

"But I ain't finish college and I'm not a Kanye, got it? Good" (Jean Grae – #8) | accepted

Kanye West released an album called “College Dropout”

"Nigga's eyes are getting shifty / Coming over later smell..." (Jean Grae – Lovesong) | accepted

She confronts her man regarding his whereabouts and she can see that he’s lying by his non-verbals.

He comes over to house late at night and she suspects he’s been sleeping with another woman.

She wants a good, honest man but it’s proving difficult for her to find.

She references the play/movie Annie, where there is a song called “Tomorrow” which sings of finding hope in what may lie ahead.

"Likes to cuddle under the covers by candlelit fires / Obl..." (Jean Grae – Lovesong) | accepted

She likes the feeling of closeness associated with cuddling and therefore becomes unaware of when these men are lying to her.