"Chicago Blackhawks advance over St. Louis Blues" (KillerPonies69 – 2014 NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge) | pending

Not sure if the the “saving factor” was an intentional pun but I loved it either way.

Also just a little extra insight — Blackhawks lines for the start of the series to try to protect Kaner:

  1. Toews, SAADY, Versteeg
  2. Sharp, Handzus, Hossa
  3. Kane, Bickell, Shaw
  4. Smith, Bollig, Kruger
"Links to song pages that need to be deleted:" (MARKED FOR DELETION – MARKED FOR DELETION) | pending

@BoredBorderlineGenius adding their own songs is fine, but if they have big name artists featured in there when they didn’t actually work with them then you should remove the artists and message them not to do so.

For example, if you see a song — “Blood on the Leaves Remix” by Brock featuring Kanye West — remove Kanye and message me that it isn’t trill

Brock – BTI Screenplay Alt. Ending | pending

@Abraxas01 never seen Apocalypse Now lol, hope it wasn’t too similar

"Http://images.rapgenius.com/b2a2df0d3132e9898b3b3f148e42b..." (Fashion Genius – March Swagness Wk 4 Nappy vs RapJenius) | pending

GOAT movie. Dead at the on-court picture lol, looks like someone skipped leg day

Fashion Genius – March Swagness Wk 3: Nappy vs Brock | pending

"Http://images.rapgenius.com/ecaffb485ce6de39df6fbcddfdde9..." (Fashion Genius – March Swagness Wk 3: Nappy vs Brock) | pending

Even I gotta give a point for “M Nappy Shyamalan” that’s just classic

Fashion Genius – March Swagness Wk 2: MHealx vs FanaHova | pending

Fana not even tryin?

NCAA Basketball Men Div I – 2014 Tournament Snubs | pending

Georgetown/FSU being bigger snubs than Minnesota is laughable

"Http://images.rapgenius.com/35675b111f0666875c6d5dac606a0..." (Fashion Genius – March Swagness Wk 1: Nigel vs UrsaFlyMajor-AKA-ThaBareSwagMaximum) | pending

You’re gonna have to drop a little more knowledge on those incredible kicks my man…

"Http://images.rapgenius.com/49974fe077387dcf8888636d40cce..." (Fashion Genius – March Swagness Wk 1: MHealx vs Kyu) | pending

Well fitted suit +1