"Http://images.rapgenius.com/49974fe077387dcf8888636d40cce..." (Fashion Genius – March Swagness Wk 1: MHealx vs Kyu) | pending

Well fitted suit +1

"Http://images.rapgenius.com/4a0e71976339ec9b5cb7428177628..." (Fashion Genius – March Swagness Wk 1: Henry Ross vs Rednas) | pending

Those kicks are beautiful

Fashion Genius – March Swagness Wk 1: FanaHova vs Nappy | pending

lolol omg nappy

"155 Cyndaquil" (Pokémon – The Johto Pokédex: Annotated) | pending

My eyes are open ok…

"D d" (EwokABdevito – My Alphabet: Colors And Textures) | pending

Basketball metaphor = +1

_ƨҟ↻འġ™ (score) – No Weapon ƑටའԱⱮed Against ☂ | pending

Gotta get that green (double entendre don’t ask me how)

"12. Rizz On You (Brock)" (Sports Genius – 2014 SG Fantasy Baseball League) | pending

@fanaHOVA you bastard ;_;

""Fall Over" is flooded with audio corkscrews" (Rock Genius – Listen to Banks) | pending

Wow…I clicked “follow” on her Soundcloud account as she sang this:

You got my mind to follow
Follow, follow, follow, follow


"Alive" (Stephen Pringle – The Power of Slang in Literature and Rap) | pending

Best annotation award nominee

"Rick Ross has released his highly anticipated sixth studi..." (Baous – Mastermind Unfolds Like A True Crime: The Album's Top Lyrics) | pending