"The sex, it turns to children, then the children turn to ..." (Mellowhype – Rico) | accepted

This line means that sex turns to having children, and kids eventually grow up to be villains, and then wolves.

"We as including I, and yourself, making three / Little ones," (Tyler The Creator – She) | accepted

“We” refers to Tyler and her. Making three refers to the possibility of them having a child.

Tyler The Creator – Bastard | rejected

it’s “brains racing like Dayton” as in Daytona 500, a nascar race.

Tyler The Creator – Yonkers | rejected

Its “im not gay, i just wanna boogie to some mob footage” listen closely lol

Kanye West – GOOD Music BET Cypher | accepted

Came in the game, 8 years prior
8 years later, your mans on fire

This is actually a play on words with “prior” and Richard Pryor. The rhyme “your mans on fire” is clever because Richard Pryor set himself on fire after freebasing on cocaine.