"Meaning; due to the laws we have on crack cocaine and reg..." (Lil Wayne – Misunderstood) | accepted

Here, Wayne is saying that police spend the majority of their time looking for drugs in the hood, and not the suburbs. What he means by “and you know the other thing is mostly found…”, is that mostly black people live in the hood. Relating this back to the statistic about college vs. imprisonment, Wayne is saying that not so many black people would be locked up, if the police didn’t spend all their time in the suburb. Interesting way of looking at things, Weezy, but I gotta agree

"The money we spend on sending a motherfucker to jail / A ..." (Lil Wayne – Misunderstood) | accepted

The point is that the cost of imprisonment for a young black american (which requires 3 meals a day, shelter, etc) is more than the cost of college for a young black american. The “white guy’s” point is that if the young black americans started going to college and stopped going to jail, America would save quite a bit of money.

"Walk around like I'm 30 feet tall / Tiger Woods all these..." (Lil Wayne – Swag Surf) | accepted

“birdy” also sounds a lot like “bury” — which enhances the sex pun

"Then go home with, something to poke on" (Dr. Dre – The Next Episode) | accepted

It should be noted that in Kanye’s Power Remix he references this line:

Hand up, talking shit, yeah, I get my Pope on
And go home with something to poke on
That’s what Dre said, but this what ‘Ye said
How ‘Ye doing? Who ‘Ye screwing?
That’s for my dick to know, before you get to know him
She ain’t give you ass? That pussy fictional

"Maestro!!!" (Ice Cube – Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It) | accepted

Maestro refers to the producer of the beat.

"And I'm still searching for a coupe, but only lurking in ..." (Mike G – OKMikeG) | accepted

Coupe refers to a car with only two doors. Typically nicer, more luxurious cars are coupes. He stays in the booth trying to become famous (and rich) enough to be able to afford one of these.

"Wolf Gang I hunt her, then feed it to my brothers" (Domo Genesis – Drunk) | rejected

should read “then feed her to my brothers”

"A hard body, like Brianna's dad I get my flex on" (Domo Genesis – Cap n Crunch) | pending

This line should read “Hard body, like Rihanna dad, I get my flex on”

"Voice raspy who I sound like? / Don't ask me that's my ni..." (Game – Let Us Live) | accepted

He is clearly referring to Nas. Other than the fact that Game’s flow sounds nothing like Jadakiss, or that Jada’s voice is far from raspy, on the album (LAX) this song is on, Nas is featured on a skit called “Hard Liquor” (“liquor in my system”), so all fingers point to a subliminal Nas shoutout.

"Still toast cinnamon / Been gangster way before he droppe..." (Game – Let Us Live) | accepted

should be “before he dropped ‘Many Men’ ”

Game is saying that he was way gangster before 50 Cent dropped his street classic “Many Men.” Based on this video, I would have to argue that point: