"Boy she got the bougie behavior" (Kanye West – Get Em High) | accepted

She’s a grad student — goes with the territory.

"Golly, more of that bullshit ice rap / I got to 'pologize..." (Kanye West – Breathe In Breathe Out) | accepted

He would want to apologize to Mos Def and Talib Kweli because of their reputation as “conscious” political rappers, whose 1998 album Blackstar was critical of the materialistic turn in hip-hop. As of College Dropout, Kanye saw himself as someone with one foot in the underground.

"I'm like Gnarls Barkley meets Charles Barkley" (Kanye West – The Glory) | rejected

Barkley starred in a series of T-Mobile commercials with Dwayne Wade at the time of this song’s release — thus this continues the free association from “Dwayne Wade” and “please don’t start me”.

"I tried to sell weed, give me cash for this zip" (Drake – Barry Bonds) | rejected

“Zip…car” ties into the car reference below. The implication is that Drake is getting a handjob from your girlfriend in a rental car.

"Hibernate the sound, and now we out like bears" (Ghostface Killah – Winter Warz) | accepted

I think this is “bears” in light of the “hibernate”.

"Jigga man is diesel" (Jay Z – Breathe Easy (Lyrical Exercise)) | rejected

I take that back — the timing does work.

"Know my way around your ring / No matter how many pounds ..." (Jay Z – Breathe Easy (Lyrical Exercise)) | accepted

He “knows his way around your ring,” i.e. he knows how to take your jewelery from you.

"Jigga man is diesel" (Jay Z – Breathe Easy (Lyrical Exercise)) | rejected

If that had been intended (the timing doesn’t work) this line would rank among the all-time greats.

""Secret society, tryna keep they eye on me"" (Jay Z – D'Evils) | rejected

Perhaps because his lack of career success, Prodigy has taken this Illuminati obsession more seriously than Jay-Z, who must be a paid-up member by now. See him here on Hot 97 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBmiMsf4cWA), deep in the throes of paranoiac-libertarian ecstasy.

"Had to turn away when Tony killed Manolo" (Jay Z – Bring It On) | accepted

Nas flips this on “Last Real Nigga Alive” — “I was Scarface, Jay was Manolo” — taking a victory lap for his victory in the Ether/Takeover feud.