"Like a nerd cat wheeling ten speed / So way back spin you..." (MF DOOM – I Hear Voices Pt.1) | pending

Not convinced by these lyrics. Can’t make out the words but pretty sure the last word is speech:

Drop degrees like a ??? speech
From way back and spin on your back and then freeze

We need to decipher the lyrics and merge the single-word annotations of “drop” and “degrees”. Also, “spin on your back and then freeze” is a reference to West St Mob’s “Break Dance Electric Boogie”.

Spin on your back and spin on your knees
Spin on your hands and then freeze

"Eric B and Rakim jacked the whole record a couple years l..." (Outside the Lines With Rap Genius – Dante Ross Excerpt #1: Uptown's "Dope on Plastic") | accepted

X-Clan, on the other hand, went nuts with the “Dope On Plastic” instrumental for their DJ cut/Blackwatch manifesto “Shaft’s Big Score”.

"Eric B and Rakim jacked the whole record a couple years l..." (Outside the Lines With Rap Genius – Dante Ross Excerpt #1: Uptown's "Dope on Plastic") | accepted

Not sure about this. “Keep ‘Em Eager to Listen” doesn’t use any of the same records as “Dope on Plastic” as far as I know.

I think he probably meant “Don’t Sweat The Technique”, which uses the same “Give It Up” drum loop as “Dope on Plastic”. It’s a bit harsh to say they “jacked the whole record” though.

"We broke up the ice to be precise" (Hijack – Style Wars) | accepted

Not yet they weren’t. This is their first single on Music Of Life — they didn’t hook up with Ice T until after the next record.

"Now and Laters, gum drops, jelly beans" (Prodigy – Illuminati) | pending

Can’t help with the drug slang, but

Now and Laters, gum drops, jellybeans

is an LL Cool J line from the song “Kanday”. Nelly and Snoop have used it as well.

"We all talk having greens, but none of us own acres" (Killer Mike – Reagan) | accepted

Rappers brag about short term material gain — cars, jewels, clothes etc — without owning anything of lasting value. It’s the difference between being rich and being wealthy.

Also a play on the old school sitcom Green Acres

"Velour-ed down like the Sheikh of Iran" (Ghostface Killah – Ghost Deini) | accepted

Could possibly refer to the Iron Sheik, an Iranian WWF wrestler from the 80s/90s. Often pictured in velour-like robes.

Swap out the hat and that’s a classic Ghostface outfit.

"I shopped Fifth Fab, but I still can't find enough / Iceb..." (Masta Ace – Enuff) | accepted

I think this is about clothes rather than jewellery. He says:

I shop Fifth Ave

5th Avenue in New York being a major shopping district and Iceberg being a designer clothing label.

Hence the “don’t dress gay enough” afterwards.

"You can't beat me, kill me / I'll be back in three days d..." (Jay Electronica – My World (Nas Salute)) | accepted

Should be:

disguised as a gardener

Refers to John’s account of the resurrection in which Mary Magdalene mistakes Jesus for a gardener. Some paintings of this event, like this Rembrandt, depict Jesus holding gardening tools.

"A crowd of people stood and stared / They'd seen his face..." (The Beatles – A Day In The Life) | accepted

I believe this was partly inspired by Tara Browne’s father Dominick Browne who actually was in the House of Lords. Coincidentally he took his own father’s seat after he died in a car crash.

There was a second reference but I can’t remember it now. It’s all explained in this book.