"I like my face when I'm under you" (Childish Gambino – We Flexin') | accepted

Simply put without over thinking it..He likes when the girl is on top

"I ain't with the bull jive, all I do is holla" (Diggy Simmons – What You Say To Me) | accepted

Diggy is saying he is sick with the “spit” and isn’t about the bullsh*t. This line is also a play on Mike Jordan’s career referencing the number"23" and “Bulls”.

"Uh, yeah I'm killin' you, step inside the lion's den / Ma..." (Childish Gambino – That Power) | accepted

My favorite line of the entire album it can be taken so many different directions. Childish Gambino reps his crew sick boy I feel the hov to hiv line is not only saying that he is sick hence his crew’s name but he is approaching the ultimate sickness…. Aids

"Staying on my me shit, but hated on by both sides" (Childish Gambino – That Power) | rejected

Gambino is saying that he continues to stay true to himself all the while being hated by black community for trying to be white by their standards as well as the white community for not portraying the stereotypical black American male in his music

Drake – Cameras | rejected

I gave tron a thumbs up even though the lyric is referring to TIRES Drake says TIES to put a southern twang on the word both ways should have been included like “ties(tires)”

"Yeah! Drizzy, yo' turn, nigga! / Take Care of the busines..." (Drake – We'll Be Fine) | rejected

I’m just happy Drake didn’t let Birdman rap on this song or his album for that much

"She said, "you're such a dog", I said, "you're such a bone."" (Drake – We'll Be Fine) | rejected

This line is suggesting that the women Drake is conversing with is saying that he is a “dog” in the sense of treating women anyway he wants He doesn’t deny the accusation so he tries to turn her on words against her say she is a catch because dogs love their bones furthermore he wants to “bone”

"Tell me lies, make it sound good, make it sound good / Do..." (Drake – Underground Kings) | rejected

Drake is suggesting that the Toronto groupies he is used to being around will tell him anything to be in his company and keep him interested

"And I'm Morpheus, the matrix of my mind" (Kendrick Lamar – Rigamortus) | accepted

Kendrick like Morpheus is a messenger whose sole purpose is to free you from the vague day to day routine know as your “reality” Morpheus was able to free Neo from the machine world with pills and help guide him into freeing his true potential . Kendrick on the other hand uses his words to free our minds from the mainstream sound we grown all too accustomed to hearing and enlightens us on more “real” topics