"Ain’t my fault, I was just repeatin’ this / Professor Eme..." (Lupe Fiasco – ITAL (Roses)) | accepted

noam chomsky is obviously the one.


"Hello evil, I'm back" (Lupe Fiasco – Strange Fruition) | rejected

hint: its not. the independence day line is playing off something a parent or whoever might say when he gets home from work or something. same with lupe. what does it imply that he says that to evil? it demonstrates lupe and evil in some sort of twisted relationship.

"Okay Lamborghini Mercy (Swerve)" (Kanye West – Mercy) | accepted

also “thank you lambo” for getting me some head from these bitches.

"I'm the big shot, get it, dick-snots? / You're just small..." (Eminem – Won't Back Down) | rejected

is there a reason we don’t mention the play on “dick-snots” and “big shot.” Dick-snot is cum, and a big shot is sorta like a money shot. amirite?

"But to these hoes im a pimp like iceberg" (Wiz Khalifa – ATL Freestyle) | rejected

whats up.

"I'm a fucking walking paradox – no, I'm not" (Tyler The Creator – Yonkers) | rejected

whatever happened to the walking pair of dock(martin)s explanation?

"An elephant never forgets, so my dick remembers everything" (Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks) | accepted

technically, any logical fallacy is a special case of a non-sequitur, and this isn’t modus ponens. It would be modus ponens if his dick was an elephant, but alas, his penis just shares characteristics with elephants (which is that it is self-aware and occasionally suffers from musth of course.)

"Do not step to me, I'm awkward, I box lefty" (Jay Z – Renegade) | accepted

its from decoded by jay-z, about pg 546 in my copy

MC Rimmer – Best Editor Alive | pending

dis da hottest single on da net. dis so ill, niqqas.

"Blunt fat like my blunt’s a Thumb" (Lil Wayne – Rollin) | rejected

it definitely sounds like cut to me.