"Cute, your shorty watch Barney, we head to Barney's" (Kanye West – See Me Now) | accepted

I think he’s saying he’s at Barney’s (http://www.barneys.com/)

"I'll show you how I cook up summer in the winter" (Kanye West – Gone) | accepted

Compare to http://rapgenius.com/16557 and http://rapgenius.com/7819

"I'm gripping oak" (Chamillionaire – Ridin') | accepted


"And the whip’s on the Sprewells, it’s so un-Camry" (Kanye West – See Me Now) | rejected

are so fancy that he put a “whip” (car) on the rims, rather than vice-versa

I just think he means the car is sitting on the rims

"Mac Milli, the Vanilli's in here," (Lil Wayne – A Milli (Mixtape Version)) | accepted

Similar to http://rapgenius.com/1270?

"'Specially in my Pastel, on my Bape shit" (Kanye West – Stronger) | accepted

“Bape shit” is probably meant to parallel “ape shit” in the line above

Jay Z – Thank You | rejected

We tip the waiter a hundred dollars
To keep the ice cold, alright?

A joke — the waiter doesn’t have to do anything to keep the ice cold, but Jay tips him anyway (b/c he’s so baller)

"Don't let me get a hold of you dudes / I'll murder you on..." (Royce Da 5'9" – I'm Me Freestyle) | accepted

Could “mole” also mean “informant” here?

"Three-wheel ride with the tire in the middle" (Big Tymers – Still Fly) | rejected

The image is broken

"Hysterical, spiritual lyrics like the holy Qur'an" (2Pac – Bomb First (My Second Reply)) | rejected

The image is broken