"Flayed" (MF DOOM – Microwave Mayo) | pending

The ritual act of removing skin from the body.

"Straight up, no chaser, no layaways" (MF DOOM – Microwave Mayo) | pending

There’s also some references to card games in this line, as well as alcohol:

Straight Up — could be a high straight flush or turning cards over to reveal the face.

Chasing can be collecting cards to build a better hand.

Layaways — can be putting money aside for a future bet.

He saying all bets are off, he has already won the game.

"To bet her cheque on a get naked game of spades" (MF DOOM – Microwave Mayo) | accepted

"Popeye, heavy on the spinach" (MF DOOM – Microwave Mayo) | pending

Spinach is also slang for marijuana and green money.

"Get a grip like Spalding" (MF DOOM – Ballskin) | pending

"Get my money on the street like a panhandler" (Apathy – Army of the Godz) | pending

I think he also means he gets money on the street from drug deals.

"Crypt the Warchild" (Apathy – Army of the Godz) | pending

"Me and Crypt are like the legion of doom" (Apathy – Army of the Godz) | accepted

By Legion of Doom he means WWF wrestlers Hawk and Animal, also known as the Road Warriors.

MF DOOM – Angelz | pending

More accurate lyrics are here:

"Threw on the boxers, searching for the Treo" (MF DOOM – Angelz) | pending