"I've been rappin for one year, one month, 17 days / 13 ho..." (Game – No More Fun and Games) | pending

Love ya Game, but how the fuck this line is related to POLITICS????

"Nigga signed to G-unit, now they bustin' guns / But last ..." (Game – 120 Bars) | pending

Havoc even produced one of his tracks

"Stop Snitchin–Stop Lyin in stores December 6th / The DVD,..." (Game – 120 Bars) | pending

Also cleverly referencing to his debut album

"And let's not forget who made me hot / It was Dr. Dre tha..." (Game – 120 Bars) | accepted

Yeah,he stated several times that he wrote most of Game’s lyrics on The Documentary plus was featured in 3 songs
He also was Executive Producer of the album

"You killing me baby, this the past life" (Drake – All Of The Lights (Remix)) | accepted

This could be also an allusion on the purple drank,that Wayne himself alleged to threw it over

"Too many urkels on your team thats why your Winslow" (Kanye West – GOOD Music BET Cypher) | pending

Yeah,we have a triple entendre!

"Why every rapper named "Big" got bodied? / But every rapp..." (Drake – All Of The Lights (Remix)) | accepted

Pretty similar to the line used previously on 2010’s Good Music Bet Cypher

"I’m Big L, Notorious, Big Pun, Shawn Carter / Sean Combs ..." (Kanye West – GOOD Music BET Cypher) | accepted

He even uses this type of line on All Of The Lights Remix

"Raped it at a young age, I guess it's like statutory" (Domo Genesis – Boss' Life) | pending

He stole the line from Kanye’s verse on Forever..or if you want,paying homage to him

"Shit, if wishes had wings, they’d all make it to heaven /..." (T.I. – Hear Ye Here Ye) | pending

Love the platinum plaque in the background