"Pay back mothafucka for the way that you got at me, how's..." (Drake – Forever) | rejected

It’s a diss towards Lil Wayne, and that’s the reason why he won’t literally slap him.

"I'm hatin my reflection, I walk around the house tryna fi..." (Eminem – Going Through Changes) | rejected

Might be a reference to “My Darling” from the Relapse Album, where his evil side would appear in the mirror.

"I'll trade you a blue one for a pink one" (Eminem – Same Song & Dance) | accepted

On tv you can see young students trading the content of their lunch-boxes with each other, another reference to britney acting like a schoolgirl.

"My second victim was even bigger than the first / Pop sta..." (Eminem – Same Song & Dance) | rejected

“She played the little school-girl”, that’s the line which eminem references to in this whole verse, by acting like they were still young students.

"So who's bringing the guns in this country / I couldn't s..." (Eminem – Who Knew) | rejected

He doesn’t blame the government for allowing guns to be smuggled easily.. he actually accuses the government for bringing guns to the US themselves.

"Spit in Jason's face while I vomit on Freddy Krugar" (Eminem – Things Get Worse) | accepted

he isn’t on meds, that’s what he has actually said 2 lines above

"But Denaun's right behind him, squeezing his" (Eminem – One Shot 2 Shot) | accepted

Denaun is Kon Artis (not Proof).

Eminem – 25 To Life | accepted

“but this time
I ain’t changing my mind”

"These fuckin' walls must be talking, cause man I can hear..." (Eminem – When I'm Gone) | accepted

The lyrics go “these fuckin' walls[…]”

"Become a Valium addict, start a rehab cycle / But togethe..." (Eminem – My Darling) | accepted

Eminem starts to speak along with Shady when he says “Look at this house[…]”. Eminem’s voice grows louder and is as loud as Shady’s voice in the end. This shows that Eminem has lost control over himself and only does what Shady tells him.