In light of the great recent IQ loss from most of our members, there have been a great deal of threads mourning lost IQ and asking why it was lost.
As far as we can tell, all IQ was lost due to a conspiracy by several tech-savvy low level operatives of the Illuminati who were under the mistaken impression that Rap IQ had any real world value. Task Force operatives (no, not that Task Force, the other one) are zeroing on these individuals and they will be…taken care of.
However, this thread was created to serve as a mass grave and communal place of respect for our lost IQ, which may never be recovered. All will now come here to bemoan their lost IQ, and this shall be the place for the standard weeping, moaning, gnashing of teeth, etc. Somber music will also be provided.

I lost over 8k IQ in the tragic IQ purge of early September.
Requiescat In Pace

September 7th, 2012
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May Based God have mercy on your souls IQ

September 7th, 2012
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Why did they have to die?

September 7th, 2012

RIP, RIQ. I’ll never forget you.

September 7th, 2012

September 7th, 2012
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Wow this made me look twice at my IQ.. Here i was thinking there was a 1 in front of it and i gained some..

September 7th, 2012
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I dont give a crap about IQ I just like to explain shit

September 7th, 2012
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Instead of mourning their death let us celebrate their life!

September 7th, 2012

I just started this Rap Genius so I lost nothing :D

September 7th, 2012
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Y'all need to chill…… this thread is a little too sad

September 7th, 2012

i lost 700 which is pretty damn huge for me haha

I was so lcose to 1000! Now im so far away!

September 7th, 2012

I lost 16k IQ.
As Ezio Auditore da Firenze would say, requiescat in pace.

September 7th, 2012
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lol i lost 800 but I bet you I can get it back in about a week lol
Btw what really happened?

September 7th, 2012

Dude, I just told you it was the Illuminati. Read the OP more thoroughly next time plz.

September 7th, 2012
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All i can do is pray THat my IQ lived a life good enough to enter paradise. RIP

September 7th, 2012