Stage Names!

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So.. I’m trying to come up with a stage name, and I was wondering how other people arrived at theirs?

Any stories about a stage name other than your own is more than welcome as well.

May 9th, 2013

I came up with my stage name, Happyface, by reading a book. I’m not one to read, and I’ve only read one book throughout high school (several times though). The book ? Happface. Anyways, the book about a high school sophomore student who’s life is a lot like mine. You never learn the kid’s real name, and he’s referred to as Happyface throughout the book. So, yeah. I felt like the character’s life resembled me so much, I just had to name myself after him.

Eminem, a more interesting person than me came up with his name based on his favorite candy; M&Ms. Since his initials were M and M, he would always go around telling his uncle (I think that’s who it was), “Hand me a bag of me’s”. Later he stylized his name as Eminem, of course.

May 9th, 2013
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My first name is Teran, so naturally I chose Teran.
Creativity just flows out of me.

May 9th, 2013
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May 9th, 2013

My brother died. It affected me a lot. Orignal name was MC Breathe because I was gonna breathe the breaths my brother couldn’t. But someone recomended Respire because it mean to give breath to others.

May 9th, 2013

I actually have like 5 differn’t stage names to adapt to differn’t personalities and try differn’t music out. But my main work goes into Respire

May 9th, 2013
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Slightly modify other artist’s names

Notorious S.M.A.L.L
Method Guy
and so on

It’s really creative

May 9th, 2013
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I’ve been told I look like this guy

a couple of times, so I just sorta rolled with it. Changed the spelling up a bit, but there’s really not much more to it.

May 9th, 2013
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I needed a name to sign up to RG with, after about 5-10 minutes of thinking i came up with Idyllic. gotta say it’s got a damn nice ring to it.

May 9th, 2013

Be Lil Miss Pio the Second

May 9th, 2013

my name is derrick wan. so i mixed up the letters and came up with dwane r kic. the r stands for nothing, its just there because i couldn’t think of how to use it. i just drop the r usually.

May 9th, 2013

My stage name is TastelessMC… Idk I think cuz I was making a bunch of “too soon” jokes at the time.

My other alter ego is Yung Masta Roshi. It’s cuz you didn’t think I can flex but I can, plus I like porn and I’m wise but don’t take me too seriously, but I’m serious.

May 9th, 2013

They always happen by accident, or by chance….like you may have one or two before you get a good one… Like me MAK NIKOVA… I started with Eclipse because I wanted to outshine other rappers. And it was suppose to be a nickname for football…then the Clipse came out. SO no. Then came Mario the idk just sounded fly. Then I thought about this comic book character Mr.Sinister, since my dad said I had “a lil devil in me” one day and it stuck, because I hated it so much I embraced it. That was Mr. Sinista, or Mr.S.I.N. I kept that one for the longest and then thought about a gangsta nickname for myself, cause I figured Majestic Reigning Supreme Ill Nigga would not do good commercially…So I went to brainstormin' and got on the oldschool online rap dictionary…I wanted my music to be everywhere…so I came across the definition of the “AK” and it clicked. I saw it stood for “Automat Kalashnikov”, so I said Matt Nikova?? Personalized it alil more since I’m good with words and liked so many women I said “Mack”, but made it “MAK” for thats how its pronounced and I didn’t want to be identified as only a ladies man, plus its overused. And boom.. MAK NIKOVA

May 9th, 2013
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/End Thread

May 9th, 2013
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My stage name-D.R.C
Dominique Rashard Cook
Yeah I’m not creative at all
plus I wanted to make my first mixtape
Run D.R.C
I did that….
so what
you gonna kick my ass?

May 9th, 2013