What's Your Dream Album?

Ok you’re gonna make your dream album.
Give me the title and the tracklist.

The only rule:

  • The tracklist can’t go over 20 songs. *Interludes don’t count as tracks.

You can collab with whoever you want. Dead or Alive. Don’t hesitate to name someone you don’t think anyone would know. You can list the producer if you want.

So here’s my album. * = Single/Music Video


  1. Pay Attention!
  2. What’s the Point? (feat. Chester Watson)
  3. Her
  4. This Guy (Interlude)
  5. Relaxation
  6. Squeeze (feat. Miguel)
  7. *Enjoy the View (feat. TiRon & Ayomari)
  8. Would You? (Interlude)
  9. Circle Session (feat. Joey Bad$$ & Chuuwee)
  10. *Guilty Conscience (feat. Hopsin & Jarren Benton)
  11. Doubts
  12. Mirror Interview (Interlude)
  13. GTFOH
  14. *Go Back
  15. That’s Just Me (feat. Childish Gambino)
  16. Argue (feat. Angel Haze)
  17. Apathy
  18. Blank
August 31st, 2013
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Sooo basically my top fav songs no order right now?

  1. lifes a bitch — nas
  2. paperbond — wiz
  3. m.a.a.d. city — kendrick
  4. all falls down — kanye
  5. tom ford — hov
  6. marshall mathers — em
  7. goldie — asap
  8. devil in a new dress — kanye and ross
  9. 9 piece — rick ross and wayne
  10. she knows — jcole
  11. land of the snakes — jcole
  12. bound 2 -kanye
  13. the plan — wiz
  14. rich niggaz — jcole
  15. gettin up — wiz
  16. patiently waiting — 50
  17. pmw — asap
  18. bbc — jay and nas
  19. fuckwithmeyouknowigotit — hov and rick
  20. represent — nas
August 31st, 2013
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  1. Dark Fantasy
  2. Gorgeous
  3. Power
  4. All Of The Lights (Interlude)
  5. All Of The Lights
  6. Monster
  7. So Appalled
  8. Devil In A New Dress
  9. Runaway
  10. Hell Of A Life
  11. Blame Game
  12. Lost In The World
  13. Who Will Survive In America
August 31st, 2013

1-Based Intro (feat Lil B)
2-Lyrical miracle circle jerk (feat GZA, Canibus, Hopsin, Jay Electronica)
3-Bad Meets Nasty (Nas, Em)
4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (feat. Trinidad James, Danny Brown, French Montana)
5-Its getting Cole in here (feat Nelly, J Cole)
6-Trillmatic (feat Nas, Big KRIT, Kendrick Lamar)
7-Higher Learning (feat. Method Man)
8-Drugs are bad (feat. Eminem, Hopsin)
9-Politikkks as Usual (feat. Ice Cube)
9-Based Outro (feat Lil B)

August 31st, 2013

3 hunna

  1. love sosa
August 31st, 2013
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@1o17 truly a great album.

August 31st, 2013
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@DaPunmasta in Bad meets Evil, Royce is bad and Em is evil, so that Nas&Em track would go “Nasty Meets Evil”

August 31st, 2013


August 31st, 2013

bad meets nasty catchier tho

August 31st, 2013
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August 31st, 2013

DETOX is pretty much a “dream album”

August 31st, 2013

Da Jews Be Cumming — Featuring Mac Miller

August 31st, 2013

@MacadelicKid And a remix with Drake?

August 31st, 2013
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Childish Gambino

1.Temple (Intro)
5.Don’t know you
6.The First
7.Dreams (ft. Frank Ocean)
8.My Girl
9.Only For You
10.Change (Interlude)
11.Shining (ft. Kanye West)
14.Hard (ft. Lupe Fiasco)

August 31st, 2013

Well, I want to be a producer/DJ mostly, but I had this idea a while ago. I’d have an album called The Flood, with very few features, and before it I’d drop a mixtape called The Ark with each track featuring 2 rappers or singers from the same city/state/country (if not US), Noah’s Ark style.
1. New York (Nas, Hov)
2. Compton (Kendrick Lamar, Eazy E)
3. Los Angeles (Earl Sweatshirt, Jay Rock)
4. Long Beach (Crooked I, Snoop Dogg)
5. Atlanta (2 Chainz, Andre 3000)
6. New Orleans (Lil Wayne, Jay Electronica)
7. Cleveland (Kid Cudi, Krayzie Bone)
8. Detroit (Royce da 5'9", Danny Brown)
9. Chicago (Kanye West, Chance the Rapper)
10. Miami (Rick Ross, Ace Hood)
11. Trinidad (Trinidad Jame$, Nicki Minaj)
12. UK (Tinie Tempah, Chip)
13. Kansas (Tech N9ne, XV)
14. Houston (Bun B, Trae Tha Truth)
15. Pittsburgh (Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa)
16. Philidelphia (Meek Mill, Black Thought)
17. DC (Wale, Black Cobain)
18. Virginia (Pusha T, Pharrell)
19. Seattle ( Macklemore, Sir Mix-A-Lot)
20. Carolinas (J Cole, Young Jeezy)

August 31st, 2013