Favorite Bar(s) from your favorite Rapper?

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Kendrick on:


“Nigga what I compose be so potent
That if the Earth dried I could spit back the ocean
Then hop on the jet ski and start Westcoastin”

And “Black Lip Bastard”

“Look inside my parking garage and see a collage
Of every person I despise since the moment I turned 5
Calculate my steps and strategically took my time
Even falling off, I land on the ass of Nicki Minaj
Eat that pink pussy like it’s Friday
Bust one, Roman Reload, then smoke to Sade
And somebody tell Rihanna too
I need that vagina too”

November 4th, 2013

Eminem on im back from MMLP1.
Heres one of my favorites

And by the way, N'Sync, why do they sing?
Am I the only one who realizes they stink?
Should I dye my hair pink and care what y'all think?
Lip sync and buy a bigger size of earrings?
It’s why I tend to block out when I hear things
Cause all these fans screamin' is makin' my ears ring (AHHH!!!)
So I just, throw up a middle finger and let it linger
Longer than the rumor that I was stickin it to Christina
Cause if I ever stuck it to any singer in showbiz
It’d be Jennifer Lopez, and Puffy you know this!
I’m sorry Puff, but I don’t give a fuck if this chick was my own mother
I still fuck her with no rubber and cum inside her
And have a son and a new brother at the same time
And just say that it ain’t mine, what’s my name?

November 4th, 2013

The negus took Black Lip Bastard. Fuck.

November 4th, 2013
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November 4th, 2013

Lupe on Stereo Sun:
“I hear it: the spirit, and I don’t fear it
Matter ‘fact, I steer it
Right in the heart of the hardships, I don’t veer it
And this car is just a metaphor for my experience
No registration or insurance, just a license to ill
God’s hands on the wheel, and my pedal’s to the ceilin’, peelin'
Speeding like 24 frames through the lights
With the traffic cameras filmin, brights
So I could see the brilliance of this life I’ve been given
Livin' to start a revolution every minute
Driven to win it, no breaks, no pittin'
Pole position ya soul, keep ya windows tinted
So we can see out it, but they can’t see in it
So this here’s ours, and them theirs rented
Cars moving at top gear, Jeremy Clarkson
I feel like this my first track and I ain’t even start nothin, yessir!"
"The sky’s on fire, the storm is almost near us
But that’s when I’m the clearest, when things are the severest
I’ll be here for its arrival and for its disappearance
Broadcasting live and clear, even with the interference
See this is what it sounds like when life becomes lyric
The best thing ever, you should really come and hear it
But if you can’t, cool. We’ll be coming to your nearest, soon
Shining like two suns, it’s better than two thumbs
The whole plot’s to get you
To stop from doing what you do, to do better than you’ve done
Then we’ll stare down the feds in the room
Who dares not to scare? Hear it, boom!
Unaffected by your werewolves, ghosts and your ‘boom'
The tour through the tombs don’t do nothing to 'em, never!
I turn the pressure into treasure
My problem’s in the present and my presence is forever
Yes, sir!"
or on Poor Decisions:
"The Beloved T-Rex says
Grown man bars is somethin’ you gotta deal with
Whole hand cards but nothin' that you can build with
That sound like bullshit from out a bull mouth
Even the tepee is a full house
Simple shelter keep you out the cold
If you hold it close together, we’ll never fold
Why you lettin' the devil beat you out your soul
You don’t believe in God then at least believe in odds
This house of our is just a house of cards
Just without the yards, and nice adjacent parks
We was born black but that shit’ll make you dark
Even with a handful of hearts
Mind on the club just to find a little love, my regards
Cause when your P-O-V is poverty
It’s like D-O-C a lottery, that D-O-C be lock and key
Finna D-O-P-E bob and weave
And the boxer boxin' free
Up out them rings like it was Rocky 3
Caught up in the game now
Look at how we came out like olly olly oxen free
That ain’t why they watchin' me, yeah, yeah
Poor decider since like 4, 5 or sugar coated, colored edibles
Instead of buildin' up a habit in them vegetables
Now early 30s, my blood pressure’s incredible
Medical, yeah nigga I’m tellin' you
Coveting cars over community
Rappers influence your shootin' sprees
Turn around and publish bars like it ain’t got shit to do with me
Easy to record so ruthlessly
Rich niggas”

November 4th, 2013

@jas361995 Yooo, He killed Poor Decisions. I still think that’s the best verse of the year so far.

November 4th, 2013

Thank you for agreeing. Lupe’s so underrated and yet people keep telling me he fell off. No way. They clearly have not followed Lupe at all, and if they had they would realize that Lupe is going to break through to mainstream with Tetsuo and Youth and finally get the respect and recognition he deserves. Hopefully Old School Love was just a fluke and is left off the album

November 4th, 2013

Lecrae-Sacrifice (Verse 2)
Some of these rapper’s reputations should be in dispute
Cause real recognize real
And you do not compute
Good as laying your life down
Sacrifice for a worthy cause
Not for a bunch of green paper stacks
Overpriced clothes and shiny cars, no
This is sacrifice, it’s giving your own
Even when they don’t understand you
You still answer your calling
And when the world is falling and they back is turned
You reach your hand out and pull them out that fiery furnace
I learned that from the old heads
You know the ones that never turned back
Martin Luther King got shot for it
That’s priceless you can’t earn that
Then tell me what do you think he died for?
A peace prize? A holiday?
So I can rap a whole bunch of weak lines
About how I’m a make my choppers spray?
If Jesus really lived, then He really died
Sacrificed Himself and rose before they very eyes
And if I ain’t really changed
Then it’s all a lie
Why put my life on the line
Mayne this ain’t worth my time
Cause it’s been real
When nobody knew us we been here
Before the billboards and the Grammy awards
It was Christ homeboy we been clear
I ain’t never been fake
Got faith, if I lied to yo face
May I die a disgrace
Live for the truth that He died in my place
Thank God for the sacrifice and His grace

November 4th, 2013

Lupe Fiasco — Life

From city to city, I really did it for y'all
From the itty bitty small, to the really really tall
Where they paw, and they living in a shelter
Begging with their kids, they’re too helpless to help her
If you walk in trailer park today
Or a park where the ground is too harsh to lay
Or the projects where there’s no park to play
And it’s too dark to read
And you’re too marked to leave
Where wick only buys juicy juice and kicks
It’s a trip because the youth is usually used to this
And that’s strength
And you gotta be strong
When the dramas on your back
And your clothes don’t match
And your father is gone
And on top of all that
The water isn’t on
And your dishes don’t match
The teachers say they only come to school to flunk
But there’s some that only go to school for lunch
And that’s life

November 4th, 2013
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why do y'all post complete verses when it’s about the best Bar(s)?

November 4th, 2013

smoke dza livin
“my n***a my soul”

November 4th, 2013

The brutalizer, crew de-sizer, accelerator
The type of nigga who be pissing in your elevator


November 4th, 2013
November 4th, 2013

November 4th, 2013