Most Underrated Em, Jay and Nas Album?

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What is the most underrated album by Eminem, Jay-Z and Nas and why? For me they are:

Eminem — Relapse

This album grows on you over time and you start to realise some of the great lyricism and skill on the album. It had great flows and production as well. It’s a shame about the accents that made it less enjoyable and put a lot people off, including me (originally). Infinite is also very underrated. Great album when it just comes to rapping skill.

Jay-Z — In My Lifetime, Vol. 1

This album had some classic Jay songs on it (Lucky Me, You Must Love Me, Where I’m From, ect). A couple of failed over-commercial songs brought this album down and made a lot of people dislike it. It also came out after Reasonable Doubt, which didn’t help. Still a good album overall IMO. I think The Dynasty is quite underrated as well.

Nas — God’s Son

I know this album can get a lot of love and a lot of people would put it as one of Nas' best albums, but I still think it can be underrated. Stillmatic is widely known as a classic album and I don’t think this album is far off it. I can even swap round which one I prefer sometimes. I think this album should be respected as a classic more, like Stillmatic. A very good album.

November 24th, 2013

I’d definitely agree with you on God’s Son. Great album. Better than Stillmatic in my opinion. As for Jay Z I’ve only listened to Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint(Great Albums) and for Eminem never a full album but I’ve many of his songs and I’d say that he got a bit too corny with his production and lyrical themes in his later albums.

November 24th, 2013
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nas- the lost tapes or life is good

jay z- american gangster

November 24th, 2013

Eminem — Infinite

Nas — The Lost Tapes

Jay — Kingdom Come

November 24th, 2013

Fuckin hell OP you chose the exact ones I was gonna choose

November 24th, 2013

I’d like to add that the D12 albums are underrated as hell

November 24th, 2013

Might sound fucked up but Encore is underrated. The prime reason it recieves so much hatred is that it was preceeded by his three greatest albums. It’s definitely obvious he was falling off around the time, but it’s still pretty aight. If it was like 13 tracks long people would probably fuck with it. Better than both Relapse and Recovery IMO, could just be nostalgia tho.

Hip-hop Is Dead also has some great tracks. Can’t Forget About You being one of my favorite songs ever.

November 24th, 2013

Nas = I Am and Distant Relatives

November 24th, 2013

Eminem — Relapse: He was lyrically back, Slim Shady and all. Probably one of the best albums he’s had production wise too with Dr. Dre handling the majority of it. Some songs were trash here and there but it was much more solid than people gave it credit for.

Jay-Z — American Gangster: The hands down best album he’s made since retiring in 2003. This could have easily rivaled his material in that time. The beats were sublime, the Nas guest spot was legendary and Jay-Z was in top form skill wise as a rapper. We’ll probably NEVER get that from this Jay again, tbh.

Nas — Lost Tapes. So solid front to back, it’s hard to really point out faults other than it’s not an album to just pick up and listen to like others happened to be. But once you listen to it, it’s a fascinating listen.

November 24th, 2013

@CaptPierce, thank you. I had totally forgot about American Gangster. American Dreamin' is just amazing.

November 24th, 2013

I don’t think Relapse is underrated anymore, so I’ll go with Recovery, It was okay but not for Eminem standards

November 24th, 2013

I don’t think American Gangster is underrated. Many would say it’s a potential classic & Jay’s fourth best album.

November 24th, 2013

Agree with you on Relapse. It is a very incredible album,that I adore for it’s genius lyricism and flow. Most people just listen to the topic he is rapping about,and think it’s trash,but if they really read the lyrics,they probably would be blown away by his rhyming abilities in the album.

November 24th, 2013

Nas and Jay-Z, I don’t listen to full albums often enough to make a judgment. I like what I hear, mostly, and rarely a full album at a time.

Em, Relapse, no contest. Em himself sleeps on Relapse, but it was miles better than Encore. Hell, if he took all the songs (Including Refill), and recut the album to a better length, with only the best ones, it would be a classic. The accents got a bit over the top, and the album was much longer than it should have been. Both of those could’ve been fixed.

November 24th, 2013
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Always felt Vol 2 was underrated….

November 24th, 2013