Favorite Rap Songs About Hoes?

Keep it 3hunna. There are so many songs about pimping bitches but what about the people who make pimping so profitable? The nasty, sleazy, stunts and skeezers. Rap has a ton of songs about these gifts from God.

Diamond D- Sally Got A One Track Mind:
Sally is a spoiled brat turned hooker who uses her sexual prowess to get what she wants. Unfortunately, she gets older and all of that comes to an end.

Ghostface Killah- Wildflower:
One of the most emotional songs about a ho. In this song, GFK calls out his girl for being a sloppy stunt and breaking his heart.

Bo$$– Recipe of a Hoe:
Men can be hoes too. Bo$$ schooling all of you ho ass negus out there.

Ice Cube- Givin' Up The Nappy Dug Out:
One of the funniest songs about hoes. Basically, Ice Cube is telling this girl’s father that his daughter is the Queen of Hoes, the Hilary Clinton of slores. Probably one of the greatest hooks of all time.

NWA- She Swallowed It:
This is one of the most vicious, brutally vivid rap songs about hoes. This shit is The Shining of Ho songs. MC Ren basically rapping about running a train (with his negus) on a 14 year old girl who happens to be the preacher’s daughter.

2pac- All About U:
The life of a top billing rapper running through hoes across the globe. I was like 10 or 11 when this song dropped, used to sing the hook all the time. One time caught a backhand from an older relative for singing it but it was worth it.

Snoop Dogg- Ain’t No Fun If The Homies Can’t Have None:
Sometimes you have to share the hoes with your homies. It’s like breaking bread or passing the dutchie. RIP Nate Dogg aka Pavarotti of Ho Songs.

Dr. Dre- Bitches Ain’t Shit:
Even though Dre used this song to throw some suspect, fassy hole shots at Eazy E, the rest of the crew kept it 1hunnid. This is the theme song for all misogynists out there.

AZ- Ho Happy Jackie:
AZ dropping some multi-syllabic, lyrical-miracle shit about hoes. Not too dissimilar from Diamond D’s “Sally”.

The Game & Kanye West- Wouldn’t Get Far:
Their ode to girls who will run through most of the Rap industry in the hopes of making it or at least getting some money or property even though in most cases they won’t get much out of it. The first time I heard this song, I was drinking Arnold Palmer (pause) and when Game said “They don’t know Melissa Forde drive a Honda Accord”, I spit that iced tea out immediately. Shit was hilarious. I wonder how Kanye feels about this song since he married Kim. Kim definitely got far.

Madvillain- Fancy Clown:
Viktor Vaughn calls up his girl to blast her for fucking MF Doom. Basically, Daniel Dumile having an alter ego crisis. Leave it to the indie artists to make a conceptual ho song.

Onyx- Da Nex Niguz:
That awkward moment when you catch your girl sucking da nex niguz dik.

Nas- Black Girl Lost:
Leave it to Nasir to drop the educational song about hoes. “Damn, girl you have a future, I believe in you, my sister”. Great message but lettucebhonest a ho gon be a ho.

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Dr. Dre: Fuck You
Dr. Dre: Housewife

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