I just realized something and im so happy about it dawg

cacenimem wont be releasing anymore average music for awhile!

You know how caceniem does he releases an average album and goes on a 1-2 year hiatus.

Anyone else happy for the eminem hiatus!!!?!

January 9th, 2014
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10/10 GOAT thread material

January 9th, 2014
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haha its kinda funny cuz its truu

January 9th, 2014
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Yeezus christ people aren’t even getting creative with the joke names anymore smh

January 9th, 2014
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u mad cus he sold like 850k copies first week? yea bro u mad, its k, he’s still better then ur favorite rapper tbr.

January 9th, 2014
  1. what @rukan23 said
  2. if he release something u dont like just dont listen to it
January 9th, 2014

dumb motherfucker

January 9th, 2014
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Trolling use to be classy in my day.
For shame op learn the craft or stop.

January 9th, 2014