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The Gap Band is an American funk band, who rose to fame during the 1970s and 1980s. Comprising brothers Charlie, Ronnie and Robert Wilson.

“You Dropped a Bomb On Me” was one of their 1982 hit singles:

“You Dropped a Bomb on Me” was also featured in the hit 2004 videogame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, playing on the fictional funk radio station Bounce FM.

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"Oh generation above me, I know you still remember me / My..." (Chance The Rapper – Cocoa Butter Kisses) | rejected

He is addressing the next generation when he says ‘yall taught me to go hunting’ not his father. So the hunting/father-son activity analogy seems incorrect.

This shit is so funny..

"Take your chance with this rapper" (Chance The Rapper – Smoke Again) | rejected

He seems to imitate Camron a lot in this verse too.. ‘My name herb, take herb, smoke herb, say word?’ That has Camron’s style all over it..

"Hows it feel to be you? Yo no sé / I ain't really been my..." (Chance The Rapper – JUICE) | rejected

I always thought he was saying ‘Pac’

"I got the juice, I got the juice" (Chance The Rapper – JUICE) | rejected

He has whatever everyone is thirsty for. Rather than street credit, it means he has interesting lyrics and a unique style that hip hop fans enjoy listening to.

"Nightly searches for a bed and I just came off tour with ..." (Chance The Rapper – Good Ass Intro) | accepted

Yes, it must be A Bed. There is no indication that it is Our Bed from context.

"I pull up Sally Struthers after nightfall" (Riff Raff – They Figured I Worked For Mexico) | pending

This makes absolutely no sense

Why so unlikely? J Cole knows exactly who Aesop Rock is, and when he writes a line that says ‘rappin like Aesop’ he has got to put two and two together to know that people are going to assume he’s talking about Aesop Rock

"You’re the reason why momma had those rocks" (J. Cole – Visionz of Home) | pending

His surroundings were the reason his mom smoked, the city is the reason not him or his brother

"Where I'm from, if you ever seen what I seen / You know i..." (J. Cole – Premeditated Murder) | rejected

Who is singing this?

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