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OT:SDVG and me texting!

42 posts latest by Barrk less than a minute ago

http://t.co/yXLovTCfzY She so cute!

Point me to some experimental rap done right.

6 posts latest by Celestial Kid 1 minute ago

Link if you can. What is experimental to my RG peoples?

OT:Who are your favorite users you come across on RG?

110 posts latest by DannybrownisGod 3 minutes ago

My top 10. 1. @illustriousQ (He my G) 2. @mairick (He supports my foolishness ) 3. @iRockRobFord (We a...

Would you rather....

34 posts latest by AubreyPlaza 4 minutes ago

Die by being burned to death, frozen to death or buried alive? (Goodnight)

SDVG, Plastic Surgeon?

118 posts latest by SonOfTheZia 5 minutes ago


Diagnose Kanye

7 posts latest by AubreyPlaza less than a minute ago

I’ve been on RG forums for about a week and a half now and before people start commenting “God not ano...

Best Renegade-like Tracks.

15 posts latest by Danger-Ru$$ 23 minutes ago

Tracks when artists collab no more then 3 times ever. No worse then decent From Kendrick & Drake htt...

Top 20 Hip-Hop Duos

39 posts latest by chickenluva 9 minutes ago

I am going to create a poll for people to choose their top 30 duos(two emcees/emcee and producer). But...

Best Moderator Survey

21 posts latest by Celestial Kid 10 minutes ago

Hello, fellow Rap Geniuses! In an effort to collect very important dick-measuring data, we ask that yo...

A couple of very short recordings

3 posts latest by Backspacez less than a minute ago

Here’s a couple of short little recordings i put on up on my soundcloud, it’d be nice to have a couple...

Bros>> Pussy

46 posts latest by UrsaFlyMajor-AKA-ThaBareSwagMaximum 30 minutes ago

I’m sorry, but if I had to choose my girl over my homies, i’d choose my homies 99% of the time. if you...

Trick Trick x Eminem

7 posts latest by Mairick 35 minutes ago

cant w8 for this classic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvg2dDGKgZI

[Lyrical Miracles pls enter] w0w new h0t SDVG beat. [Cam'ron stans welcome!] [mexicans pls transcribe]

18 posts latest by chris97 8 minutes ago

https://soundcloud.com/sdvgbeats/dos-cardenas-1 w0w sdvg so nyce so gud so culture

Action Bronson ethers DailyRapFacts on Twitter

6 posts latest by snowboynick 31 minutes ago


If Eminem died after 8 Mile

41 posts latest by PoeticKoruption 8 minutes ago

I saw a comment on some thread the other day that said something along the lines of “If Eminem died af...