Imagine what could have been. 3 Stacks x Juicy J

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Suggestions for an Album Reviewer

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I really want to get into reviewing albums. Not to do what everyone else is doing but because I listen...

Fantano tweeted about my friends hip hop project

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Hes a producer by the name of Daimyo, you guys should check him out if you like R34L HiP h0p<3 https:...

Nothing Was The Same - not AOTY

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Lets just be honest, we expected little more from Drake, after listening to the album I love how its a...


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How to add screenshots to RG posts?

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So I know how to add the other formatting shizz, but does anyone know how to add a screenshot?

Supernatural ripping the freestyle game to shreds

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He’s last in the vid. All freestyle actually, aside from Yong Mark at beginning. Its actually not fai...

Fan Struggle-Cuddles Beyonce off the stage!!!

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Oh yea,that’s a grade-A struggle-cuddle right thurr. Can ...

Common vs Mos Def/Yasiin Bey

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Yeah I might as well throw this out there. Title says it all…

305 To My City BANGS

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See subject above.. But god damn I love that track.

Icekrunk vs. YoungNiggaHustlin

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Best Rap Albums of the Last Ten Years? (2003-2013)

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Just out of curiosity, i just thought of making this post so my list isnt quite done. Feel free to go ...


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Anyone mind linking somewhere I can stream it on my phone while in class? Not a download, don’t have t...

Goat control response

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Drake - Pound Cake (Feat. Jay-Z) / Paris Morton Music 2

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