Someone wanna produce my music?

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I have songs, my best are Funkmaster fury & Brooklyn Beginingz & iced tea. Just need a name for a prod...

ROUND 2: I Just made 4 beats fresh off the meat rack..Comments,Suggestions,Collabs..whatever let me know #CritismNeverHurts

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Lil Boosie VS. C-Murder

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Both currently incarcerated, who would you free if they were to have equal sentences? Try to stay away...

Eminem - Berzerk Video

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Still don’t fuck with this, but here it is Don’t get too excited, it’s official but it’s just a lyric ...

We Found 20 New People For You To Follow

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I’m a little bit tired of this, everyday I have like 2 messages like this, don’t know if its a bug or ...

Favorite rap group of all time?

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What is your favorite rap group of all time? It can be any group. Jay-Z & Kanye, Black Hippy, Clipse, ...

Breaking Bad Predictions

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This is for any Breaking Bad watcher to give us your thoughts on how the show will end. Give What you...

DEHH murks Hall Of Fame

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Myke C-Town went almost as HAM as he did on the Yeezus review

Dizzy Wright, Murdered, RIP.

31 posts latest by BLVCK__PRINT__VLLCVPS 8 months ago Killed dat nigga

Today Marks The 17th Anniversary of The Most Dreaded Day in Hip Hop.

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On September 7th 1996 Tupac Shakur attended the Mike Tyson–Bruce Seldon boxing match in Las Vegas, Nev...

#Raretimes: Rap Genius Rap Battle Going Down In Unrelated Thread

4 posts latest by Dyaz the Bringer of Love n Peace 8 months ago Wanted to make sure people were...

Macklemore White Walls Video Drops Monday, Schoolboy Q is eating

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Thats his grandma btw, Q is due to eat


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To me a lot of good rappers are slept just name some and heres mine: domo genesis Kami de chuck wu ke...

Miley, You're SO SEXY

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Curren$y and Young Roddy's new mixtape "Bales" fully transcribed!

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It dropped yesterday, check it out!