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Who is your favorite rapper in these groups/duo's ?

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Beastie Boys N.W.A. Run D.M.C. A Tribe Called Quest Wu-Tang Clan De La Soul Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Outka...

No Hassle Music Video - Feedback please? Thanks!

1 post latest by D0mniscient 7 months ago I’m the 2nd artist, this is my group. DL my mixtape if yo...

Why we will never have an Illmatic 2?

24 posts latest by Nimpeo 7 months ago This is from 2005, I kn...

So what ever happened to King Capital?

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Pusha T?

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I hear he’s good, haven’t listened to him a whole lot other than a few features. Anyone wanna recommen...

MC Chris, One Of The Top White Rappers

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Personally I feel he is one of the top ten white rappers of all time. He’s got flow, internal rhyme sc...


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I’m not a troll so stop saying it. Thank you. Just to keep this on topic: Check out Most Known Unkno...

Childish Gambino .................

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Does anyone else think he could have had a better verse? Maybe it’s just me but there was only 1 good ...

What is your favorite color?

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LimeGreen and Purple are my favorites. And I hate black.

Today is the 12th anniversary of Jay's groundbreaking "Blueprint"

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We already know it’s the daythe twin towers fell, and it’s also Luda’s birthday. Lets all take a momen...

Worst websites on the internet (a list by krunk)

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OT: Celebrities you have the same birthday as?

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I was born Feb. 23, have the same birthday as Aziz Ansari (one of my favorite new comedians) and Ab-So...

RIP Gucci

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Gucci my nigga I hate it had to be him.