OT: PS4 vs Xbox1

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If yall are getting one. Which one are you getting? Why?….me? I’m on team sony right now. Can’t fuck w...

Lebron mom pls

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Rap Like Lil Wanye

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this has been trending for the past 2 days on twitter so just uploadhttps://twitter.com/NuteIla/statu...

The Mystery of Mr. Fantastik

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Does anyone have any information of Mr. Fantastik? He has been on MF Doom tracks like Anti-matter (Kin...

Lotta new stuff (09/03/13)

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I don’t enjoy spamming the forum with my music all the time, which is why you guys don’t really see mu...

Followers/People You Follow

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Click here to see your followers and who you follow.

Long Ass Day (feat. Isaiah G)

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Hey guys! Well, it’s been a minute since I last posted a song on the forum. I have still been making m...

Favorite producer from the past and present?

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Who do you think makes the best beats? It doesn’t matter who it is. It can be DJ premier, 9th Wonder, ...

Anyone make cover art?

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I need a dope cover art for a single i’m dropping with KenSon called “Give Me Now”. I need it to read...

Off-Topic: The best minute and eight seconds of your life.

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Funkmaster Jack: check out my songs, iced tea, funkmaster fury, & broiklyn beginingz. Thanks dawg

Funniest Rapper on the Mic

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Candidates: Discuss:

If Rap Genius Forums were a city

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What forums would be which part? IMO: Rap Genius would be the inner city area Rock Genius the outski...

What does Lupe Fiasco and a drug lord have in common?

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Control - Do it Yourself

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Everyone on and off the planet heard Big Sean’s song, Control, feat. Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronic...