Harry Fraud: The New NY Sound?

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Just got the Shot Caller beat stuck in my head, and it really brought me back to the mafioso style of ...

Real Discussion: The "Classic" Formula

4 posts latest by Lotus Eater Evans 8 months ago

Ok well I told myself that I was gonna chill on making threads for a while but I came across this thre...

Macklemore & ScHooloby Q's WHite Walls.

26 posts latest by DizzyWrightstan 8 months ago

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PLifPUIuic&feature=youtu.be Macklmore helping Q out to get some buzz...

Best Rapper Of All Time

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Any Trap Fans?

32 posts latest by weed_addict 8 months ago

Not the old school definition of “trap music”, but rather the new wave of electronic music. If so, whi...

Killer Mike referring to Slick Rick on the Big Beast album cover?

7 posts latest by Eddz 8 months ago

Perhaps someone has pointed this out, but I noticed the similarity of the single covers for “Teenage L...

Dmx...doing what dmx does...

16 posts latest by SDVG 8 months ago

http://www.vibe.com/article/watch-dmx-naked-hotel What

Explain to me the hate for Tyga

63 posts latest by S3B 8 months ago

I’ve had too many good memories at parties, his concerts, and fucking girls with his music playing to ...

Spotify Collaborative Playlist

6 posts latest by CHRZA 8 months ago

Does anyone have spotify that is worth sharing a list with? I need more music. It’s a struggle out here.

Magna Carter vs. Yeezus?

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Compose Birdman tweets about major events in history

61 posts latest by Lotus Eater Evans 8 months ago

@Birdman5star : Dey took out MLK jr on da ledge earliya today whoadie, RIP. YMCMB stay strapped doe pl...

New Miley Video

21 posts latest by IceKrunk 8 months ago

I think, and I could be wrong, but I think that this video is about how the hammer just wasn’t doing i...

What's Your Dream Album?

34 posts latest by TDaManager 8 months ago

Ok you’re gonna make your dream album. Give me the title and the tracklist. The only rule: The trac...

Just Blaze speaks on Jay Electronica's "Act II: Patents of Nobility"

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Random Spice 1-related question

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I haven’t very much of Spice 1, but what I’ve heard of him so far, it seems like he would be fit to ra...