Lol this new forum layout is WOAT

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this is fucking horrible. at least make a setting on the bottom where you can change back to the old one.

The newest response to Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse

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Fat Joe Says He Wanted To Sign Joey BadA$$ Years Ago

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Lyrical Miracles I need you again! Come spit some ill multisyllabalistic cannabalistic super grime rhymes on this crayfish ass beat!

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Drake responds to Kendrick Lamar's "Control"

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RG Smileys

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We should implent some

Looking for some trippy/ spacey beats/instrumentals

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Any reccomendations??? Peace!

A$AP Ferg featuring Danny Brown - Reynolds

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We ouchea!

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Started a new thread because that last one was gettin CRAY! Peep it here Basically, just talk to me t...

Old man ethers Kendrick on the Versace beat

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Am I a good lyricist?

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Hey, I’m an 18-year-old up-and-coming rapper, and I like to think lyricism is my strong suit, but I’m ...

New Song! Fresh Air By Jayy Lee Produced By ProducerNature

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If you’re an artist or producer and want to collaborate, just let me know.

Hitler speaks on Kendrick's Control verse.

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You Can't Change Names

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go ahead and try

Is rappers talking about other rappers talking about hoes and money the new hoes and money?

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I gave up on making a good title for this. But I feel like talking about how unoriginal other rappers ...