"The Corner" by Common

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has some of the best rhyming i’ve ever heardhttp://youtu.be/-aWSzmDE7H4 Tbh

Predict the blog post about Control (if any)

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Anybody found it weird that the biggest and best site dedicated to rap hasn’t weighed in on Kendrick L...

Yeezus Alt Covers I Made.

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Feel free to use them, made them for fun. #1 inspired by MCHG. Second one was inspired by MBDTF and an...


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Since i’m not IceKrunk, and the real IceKrunk hasn’t posted in a long time, how do you think he died?

Off-topic: Is there a difference between a humanitarian and a philanthropist?

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This is my random thought for today, lol. Philanthropist — someone who makes charitable donations int...

The truth about Earl.

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What makes a great Banana is one that isn’t too soft, too hard, and not too ripe. Y.A.N.O.I.M.E

Earl, Trap Lord, and 6 Feet Beneath The Moon Review

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Earl — 9/10 Trap Lord — 8.5/10 6 Feet Beneath The Moon — 9.2/10


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Nujabes Amazing Beat!

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I was just on youtube and this instrumental made me realize how much i miss this man and what he did f...

S.K.E.Ƭ.☪.H from the planet Maui is looking for some feedback on these songs-

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i recorded them on an ipod. want some feedback… pretty soon i’ll be getting my better recording equipm...

To the whitehats that make new tates when popular songs come out...

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Have some idea of the context of the song! It’s great that you are excited about the song and want to ...

How Chief Keef Communicates With People

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Lil' B is 1 of the Most Influential Artists in the World......right now

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http://www.deadendhiphop.com/dont-kill-me-my-five-most-unpopular-opinions/ Lil B makes fantastically ...

Eminem - Survival OFFICIALLY OUT

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