Is 2 Chainz Just Lil Wayne In His Prime

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Or better, I think better.

K.A.M.A.A.L feat M'Balls - Threat

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K.A.M.A.A.L aka @Zeniusboy has an upcoming EP and he wanted M'Balls on the first single! (WISE CHOICE)...


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What is this album actually about? I’m confused

What was your summer jam of 2013?

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^title mine was either Get It by Run The Jewels, Chain Smoker by Chance The Rapper, or Upper Echelon ...

Fredo Santana confirmed on NWTS

9 posts latest by DizzyWrightstan 8 months ago Thoughts?

Little Kids Rapping About Shooting And Killing

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Lil Poopy rapping about fucking bitches is fine, but I don’t condom little kids and violence. Dooda Do...


10 posts latest by MTL 8 months ago THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5TH THINK IT’S A GAME IF YOU WANT BUT IT’S #...

T.I. - King

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Im listening to this shit through right now, and I never realized how good it is. Not even kidding pro...

Ol' Dirty Bastard on how to pick up women

2 posts latest by 123andtotha4 8 months ago Great documentary…sad to see at times tho since hes super doped up

Why do people like J Cole?

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He is without a doubt one of the most generic artists of all time. I’m not even talking about how bori...

Is Act II On its Way?

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Jay Electronica seems to be hitting the studio again. He is putting out features like on Mac Miller’s ...

What album this year has surprised you the most?

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This can be good OR bad keep in mind.. For me I have to go with Yeezus. I was really looking forward t...


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Yes, it happened. Just wanted to share it with y'all — The Heist by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is now off...

Doris / Trap Lord First Week

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5th — Earl Sweatshirt — Doris (48,552) 8th — A$AP Ferg — Trap Lord (31,830)

Y'all seen that new Wild N Out? Joey take the L

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Dayum! Joey Bada$$ done got ethered on tha Wildstyle! lol His bars were dope tho. Just not funny. My n...