Slavoj Zizek on The Wire

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If you are interested in The Wire and philosophy, you will love this great cultural analysis of The Wi...

Just Blaze does it again

26 posts latest by Xsyl 8 months ago Ridiculous…I don’t even like this type o...

Big Sean breaks down "Control"

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Real Nigga Shit.

Notifications not working

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What’s caused this?

Janelle Monae's "The Electric Lady" Artwork & Tracklist Revealed, Out Sep. 10

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Welp, there it is! An album that I’ve been very excited about the past year from the Dungeon Family af...

Have you noticed?

26 posts latest by MacadelicKid 8 months ago

that kendrick mentions J cole first and Mac Miller last, therefore meaning that Mac Miller is doing th...

Continue the verse!

12 posts latest by Huf 8 months ago

i’ll say one line from a well known rap song, then the next person says a line from a completely diffe...

Fred The Godson and B.o.B respond to Kendrick Lamar(Control)

4 posts latest by LewAshby 8 months ago Both were pretty lame to be honest…imo and ...


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It's happening

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Nu clipse

Why cant they leave hip hop alone

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New response track to control (astro).

12 posts latest by C_Goomba 8 months ago

lol the kid is looking for beef where there isn’t any.

Battle Rappers That Make Dope Songs

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Since there’s a stereotype that battle rappers can’t make good music,I thought it would be fun to shar...

Lil B - Stealing From Strippers (NEW SONG 05 FUCK EM) RARE VIDEO!

4 posts latest by SpookyBlackBasedGod 8 months ago OH BASEDGOD FUCK MY BITCH

Need opinion on a track about a friend thats died (Gurren Lagann)

6 posts latest by Femi Jaye 8 months ago

its a rough mix not the final version but i wanna know if people understand the trackhttps://soundclou...