Nimpeo's Unknown ish: Introduction

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I’m gonna start doing reviews. The idea is to review less famous albums (close to unknown), preferably...


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Sad Vines

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People always post happy, funny vines, but post a vine of people crying, I want to laugh at some loser...


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Quick and Simple thread. Love the song but does anyone think that the trumpets are a bit loud or overp...

If you could take one album away from a rapper's discography, what would it be?

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Mine would be LASERS, taken away from Lupe’s discography.

Worst song of a classic album? (not including skits)

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i’ll start with an obvious one. One time 4 your mind off illmatic.

NEW EMINEM from MMLP2! Moms Spaghetti

35 posts latest by Luke Weber 8 months ago Damn if this is how MMLP2 is gonna sound it might actually...

Schoolboy Q to stop smoking Weed

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Sooooo... Berzerk has grown on me

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When I first heard Berzerk by Eminem I was like: Then I actually got into the groove of the song an...

Alternate "Nothing Was The Same" Album Cover

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DONDA please hire me.

Well this is another beat tell me what y'all think #CritismNeverHurts

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TATES AND TATTOOS (that's what i always do)

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Great jazz tracks

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post the chillest music you relax to

Extremely Gay Freestyle

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